Row 10 Little Houses

Monday, January 28, 2013

I had a few hours on Saturday to make Lori's next row in her quilt Row Along.  Row 10 is little houses and they were really fun to make.  If you are not sewing this quilt along with Lori, you are missing out.  Seriously.
The fun starts when deciding what fabrics to use for the houses.  I went with the directions in matching the door to the chimneys.  I decided to make those with the most bold fabrics.
I love shopping my own stash when making the row along.  Everyone knows I really love a fabric house.
I had this newer green and white brick fabric for another project so it was good to use this in this quilt first.
I kept my houses with the basic colors of my other rows for this project -  so pretty much using my very favoirte fabric fabric colors.
Lori picked another great theme for this row.  The houses were easy and quick. Now I need to stitch together my little houses to make the next row.  I am really itching to join all the rows together.  Soon I hope.


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