Scrappy Therapy

Monday, January 21, 2013

It has been a week since I've posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sewing.  When life gets stressful and complex, it is a treat to stake out my sewing room to watch a movie, cut and sew, and block out worries and concerns.
I've always had a passion for patchwork squares.  There is something so simple and perfect about fabric squares sewn together.  Instead of working on existing projects and my latest pattern, I put everything aside and went back to my roots of squares and scraps.  It has been just what I needed.  It is like putting my brain on auto pilot.
Most of you are aware of the wave hitting blogs and quilt sewers everywhere.  Bonnie at Quiltville has put together a tutorial that has gone viral.  I've been really impressed and inspired by everyone making this project. #scrappytripalong
I've made piles and piles of scrappy 12" blocks - 64 to be exact.  I want to make a queen size quilt for our guest bedroom.  I realize I have lots of quilts that are from patterns I've created but not enough quilts to just put on the beds and use.  Isn't that silly?  I've always loved the trips around the world pattern and I've been wanting to make another one.  Perfect timing.
This quilt will go with everything and anything.  Scraps are to be used and enjoyed on a bed.  Just stitching the fabrics together reminded me of other projects and times when and where I've picked up some of the fabrics.  Good times.
Now the work begins putting the squares together.  I will have 8 blocks across and 8 down.  I am going to lay them out on the floor in my living room and see how they come together.  But since scrappy goes with scrappy, I won't get too wrapped up in block placement.
Life goes from one challenge to the next.  This too shall pass.  But this quilt will last for years and years.


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