Barn Raising

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I've succumbed to Lori's Barn A Long.  I know.  Another project when I should be working on my UFOs.  I'm bad.
I have this calendar in my studio that shows barns and their hex signs/quilt blocks.  Who knew Lori was going to do this barn-a-long when I bought this calendar last year.  
This is my March calendar page.  Since I'm from Pennsylvania, I've always loved the beautiful barns and hex signs in Berks and Lancaster counties that the Amish and Mennonite people have made.  They take great care of their barns.  So with those barns in mind and the fact that I've always wanted to make a hex sign quilt, I joined Lori.

This was the first barn I made.  I really should have tried harder to match the plaid.  Oh well.
This was the 2nd barn I made with Lori's patterns.  The bird seemed to go with the hex sign thing.
I decided to make some of my own 6" blocks for the barns and my faux hex signs.  So I made this one appear more circular by having the edges blend into the barn.
I also used that idea with this red barn.  I'm not sure about it.  I think if I had it to do over again I'd put a background fabric in like the first 2 barns I made.  I do like this roof, though.  It is really REALLY fun to pick out fabric for my barns.  It is making my sewing room all torn up because I keep pulling fabric and throwing them around.

I have a new keyboard ordered from Amazon, I've used a different computer to make this post.  It is strange to be typing and then all of a sudden not have a B.  Think about it, especially since this post is about Barns

Are you doing this barn-a-long, too?  I'm thinking mine will be called Barns of Berks County.  I may even work the words into the design.


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