Easter Bunny Blog Hop - Egg Cups Block/Table Runner

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

EDIT:  The giveaway goes until Sat midnight 03/09/13.  I will announce winner Monday 03/11/13.  Thanks!

If you visited me yesterday you know today is my day to participate in Lilac Lane's Bunny Blog Hop.  For a full list of participants you can see them listed HERE.  Some of us have some pretty cool giveaway prizes with our blog hop tutorials, too.  Leave a comment (see the end of post) to enter my giveaway.
My tutorial is for an egg cup block.  I really love the shape and vintage feel of egg cups and the idea of an egg breakfast brought to me in bed with the egg sitting into a little darling cup.  I can dream of that happening (it won't) and instead make fabric egg cups and be almost just as happy.  These last longer, too.  The egg cups above have some trim added between the egg and the cup for a more vintage feel.
These egg cup blocks do not have trim and I"ve tried to make them look a bit more modern.  I think they are cute, too.  These are super simple and if you are interested, this is a little project or even a gift, you can start now and finish well before Easter. Finished size for the table runner is 32" x 16.5".
Riley Blake gave us these charm packs to use in our projects with the blog hop.    Thanks Cindy and Jina.  This fabric is called Happy Ever After.
I had already ordered this new Posy fabric to use as well.  So I mixed the 2 charm packs in this project.  Bold of me.  But I think it worked.

Materials Needed for Table Runner:
1/3 yard neutral or yellow on white dot
8 charm squares (5" square ea. )
1/4 yard contrasting outside border print
optional:  5" trim for each egg cup
                                                              photo A
Cutting for Each Egg Cup Block:
2 contrasting charm squares - from (1) charm square for the egg (top) part cut a piece 3.5" x 4.5"
                                           - from (1) contrasting charm square for the cup (bottom) part cut (1) strip
                                             1.5" x 3.5"        
Neutral or yellow on white dot - (2)  2" squares  
                                                 (4)  1.5" squares        \
(make special note of any fabric with one way designs)                  
                                photo B
Constructing Blocks:
Place the (4) 1.5" squares over 4 corners of the cup body holding the 4.5" edges horizontally and the cup stand as above.  Place the (2) 2" squares over the top part of the egg piece again holding it so the 4.5" side is horizontal. Use the quick corner method described here previously or other blogs to stitch the pieces together.  Use the finished block photo below for noting stitch direction in the quick corner method.
                                                        photo C
You should have 3 parts to this block:  the egg, the cup, and the cup stand.  After making your quick corners, trim seams leaving about a 1/8+ seam and press outward.  Line up the pieces out for  joining all 3 pieces as in photo b.  Sew parts together to create the egg cup block and press.  Decorative trim is optional.  However, if you choose to add trim, now would be the time to embellish your egg cup.  You just stitch whatever trim just below the seam line where the egg and cup join together.  That was easy.  Just three pieces to put together after the quick corners.  Now you have 1 egg cup.
                                   photo d
You can really do anything with these blocks.  You can make them part of a bigger project or you can make a small table runner like I did.

To Complete the table runner:
Cut 5 strips 2.5" x 7.5" from neutral or yellow dot on white.  Also cut  a top and bottom sashing piece
2.5" x 26.5"
Outer border cutting is 3" x 11.5"  and 3" x 32".

Stitch the 7.5" strips in between each egg cup block and on the ends.  Stitch the side border and then the top and bottom border. Finish press.

Before you machine quilt, mark curved lines over egg to help create a rounded or curved appearance to the egg.  In Photo d above you can see I used Lori's round ruler to mark my curved lines.  Machine quilt the cup in straight lines or a fun design like a flower in the center.  Then quilt the sashing and borders as desired.

The egg cup table runner can be made in any size.  You can line up as many egg cups as you like to fit your table.  You can even place the cups alternating upside down and right side up.

Easter is a fun Holiday and it slips by us pretty fast.  But simple decorations like this table runner can be enjoyable to make and display.
If you leave me a message, any simple message will do, I'll put your name in my drawing for this prize.  I chose to give a few of my favorite things.  Ala Oprah, if you will.  The green thread snipper is pretty darn fun to use.  The pink thimble is my absolute favorite tool.  I can applique or hand stitch fast and slick using my trusty pink thimble.  There are 62 5" charm squares made in  my custom bundle of favorite fabrics (today's lot) tied with Freda's Hive ribbon.  They are all very current fabrics that were next to my cutting board from fabrics I'm using, have recently used, or are getting ready to use.  And they are all pretty cute, if I say so myself.   Also included in the winner package is a charm square pack of the Posy fabric.  Some of my egg cups were made from this line of fabric and so I wanted to include a new pack in case the winner wants to make my project.

Happy Easter Bunny Blog Hop.  I hope you play along all week with the blogs.  Remember go here to see the list and leave me a comment for a chance to win.

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