Getting Ready for the little Breton Women Retreatl

Friday, October 14, 2011

We are having our Breton Women sewing retreat this weekend. Today is sewing and snacking. Tomorrow is our luncheon with everyone (even those that don't sew). We really always have such a great time together.
This is one of my favorite photos of "us" Breton girls. With 4 sisters we were always called the Breton Girls and sometimes still are. Front right to left is Susan, Michelle, Teri, Polly and then me in back doing what I do best. I sure wish I still had that blue roses dress or I could find vintage fabric like it. I wore that dress until it was too tight, too short, and showing bare thread.I took the photo of us 5 girls, scanned it and then shrunk the picture to use as a sleeve for the little fat quarter.Just like this I wrapped them. Of course bees, honey and hives are always the big theme.I had these coasters made up from the etsy shop RobotCandy. They turned out cute and we were able to find 2 kids of vintage beehives to represent as a favor.I put the bee fat quarter with the photo in a cellophane bag with the coaster. Then I closed the bags with ruler masking tape.
The tables are up and ready for machines and family. In fact some families are already here. We are going to have a great time sewing together. And there are door prizes! You'll wish your name or maiden name was Breton and then you could sew with us.There are some in the family that can't come this year. My sister Michelle had 4 babies born to her children in 2011. There are the twins Brady and Barrett. I don't know which one is which. but they have the shirts. Baby Kate, the newest baby is in the middle of the boys. On the side is baby Preston. She's the oldest. I will really miss these kids and their mommies. I want them to come next year for sure.
Kate's mom is Jen, my niece and my sister Michelle's granddaughter. Kate is posing next to the quilt I made for her. The white dress and her beauty bring out the simple little bows in the quilt. I'm so glad they like it. I had fun making it. And Kate is simply a darling baby.
This is the happy grandmother to those 4 little ones. Michelle is showing off the mini family heritage quilt that I made for her. That was a fun one.

Busy weekend here. Hope you all have a nice one. I'm going to show progress photos next week.


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