Breton Family Quilt Retreat

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday and Saturday last week were spent with family sewing at my home. It was fun and sweet and everything it should be when family gets together to spend quality time.
We moved the furniture out of my living room and replaced it with portable tables and chairs. My living room is separated from my sewing studio by doors. So I was able to open up the space to use the 2 rooms together. It worked pretty well.
Sewing and talking. Isn't that the best!?Most of the girls worked on making a Picnic Quilt like mine draped over the piano in the corner of the room. My sister Teri worked on my In the Leafy Treetops quilt.
Here we are standing in my entry way. Next year we are going to make the beehive quilt hanging behind us.My niece Tricia got her quilt top completed.My sister Michelle actually finished 2 quilt tops. It helps when you have blocks ready and the quilt partially made before arriving to the retreat.My niece Tana got her picnic quilt top done except for the borders. She's going to hand quilt hers. I didn't get a photo of my sister Paula's top. She had hers packed away by the time photos were taken. Darn.
I worked on appliqueing strawberries during the retreat. I didn't want to lose focus for my PKM Happy Row By Row quilt.
Right before lunch on Saturday my kitchen faucet broke. But by the end of Saturday Mr. Hive had me fixed back up (without some stress!). I really like the new faucet.

I had a great weekend and so much fun. I'm so glad we can get together to sew as family. I wish you could have joined us.


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