Thank You Pratima!

Pratima is a fabulous girl that I "met" more than a year ago through her thoughtful comments on our blog. She's very talented and is the same age as some of my daughters. I am also lucky enough to have one of her sweet cottages from when she joined the Christmas Cottage exchange last year. You may have seen some photos Pratima shared with several of us that were posted here and here. The photos are amazing. Take the time to look at the colors and textures of India through Pratima's eyes. Pratima is a very talented quilter. She made this beautiful floral quilt for her in-laws and took it to India with her. It is fabulous. Anyway, Pratima sent me a little package of goodies from her trip! I was so excited when Shelbie brought me the mail Saturday.
I could hardly wait to open this lovely packaging to see the delights of a country where I know I will never get to visit but could enjoy a tiny piece of it courtesy of Pratima. The little package next to the wrapped package is candy sort of like peanut brittle but with flowers and other delights added! Yummmm.
Shelbie helped me discover everything in the package and we explored each item with excitement. I had told Pratima I love scarves and she sent me not just one but 2!! Here is one of them all rolled up so it would be nice and textured when opened.Here is Shelbie modeling for me. This is how sweet Pratima is. She knows my favorite colors and things that I would like. I couldn't have chosen better for myself than she did!
Look at the lovely colors and patterns made by the hand dying. The golden edge is amazing. Both scarves are so soft and silky against my skin. I love them both so much.
Here is a more detailed photo. Notice the edge, too. I like that the scarf is light weight enough that I can wear it immediately.Look at this lovely trim. It reminds me of India meeting Scandanavia. It is so incredibly beautiful.
Pratima sent me some fabrics that look almost vantage to me. I love them. And also an Indian bride doll. I immediately made a place for the darling doll next to my matryoshkas on my sewing room shelf among my treasures.

She really "shouldn't have"! I was humbled and surprised by her generosity and sweet nature in sending me such beautiful gifts. Like I said I probably will never get to visit India and seeing Pratima's pictures and having her thoughtful presents make me feel like I've taken a little trip there anyway.

Thank you so much Pratima!! You can read about Pratima and her friends on their blog here. I'm so glad she is blogging so I can keep track of what she is doing.

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Abby and Stephanie said...

Very lovely gifts! Red is definitely your color. Those scarves are just gorgeous!

rachel griffith said...

oh nanette.
so, so, so beautiful.
bloggy pals are the best.

dotti white said... are incredibly blessed! Those are beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a blessing you have received!!! I just love the scarves!

Red is soooooo you!

Nedra said...

I have read about Pratima on another blog. Wow! Her gifts are amazing! Lucky you!

siv hege said...

Oh, I wish my postman would bring me something like this :)

Candace said...

Pratima is certainly a treasure, Nanette! Everything is so beautiful! I've never seen scarves rolled like that - how clever! B'hut - I think is the Hindi word for very good (my spelling is probably not right)!

Anonymous said...

V. here... These items are gorgeous. How fun to look at them and imagine India. Pratima is a wonderful sharer. v

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Pratima is such a sweet caring girl. look at the beautiful gifts she sent. You can tell she knows all about you by her very thoughtful gifts!

Betsy said...

Nanette what lovely gifts you received and you were just making a scarf the other day. I know you will make such lovliness with these fabrics.

pratima said...

Dear Nanette, Thank you for all the kindest and sweetest words. You are making me blush as red as the scrafs in there :)
Shelbie looks sooo cute modeling them. Thank you so much, Shelbie :D
I'm so glad that you like them.


Sherri said...

What wonderful and beautiful treasures from Pratima!

Julie said...

Blog friends are the best--how generous and kind of her. Have a super day. Julie

Karen said...

WOW WEE...beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! I know you'll have tons of fun with all of them;)

Mel said...

Fun treats! Beautiful pictures!

Purple and Paisley said...

wonderful, wonderful stuff from pratima! she is a sweetheart! ☺

Micki said...

The scarf is just wonderful! I adored that exotic looking.

Carrie P. said...

I have been seeing some of the pictures on other blogs from Pratima. How sweet of her to send the gifts. The scarfs are so neat especially the way they were rolled up.

Dawn said...

WOW!! All things beautiful!!