It is the end of June and another month has zipped by and I don't have a finished quilt.  I'm feeling like I really need to sew this weekend.  I though today for Fabric Friday I'd make a mix of different things in my sewing room.
One of these days I'm going to make a folky Pennsylvania Dutch quilt.  This fabric goes right to that stash pile.  It is vintage and European folky but also Pennsylvania Dutch, too.
This is a new fabric that reminds me of the previous blue fabric in the folky nature.  I love that the silver in it is metalic.  It is a Japanese print but also has that European/PA Dutch folky flavor.
This is some trim my daughter Natalie gave me.  I love the vintage/modern take on the trims.
These are vintage trims that I purchased on Etsy.  I may try to put the red on the right into a crown for my London 2012 quilt.  The red white and blue hearts are darling.  I might have to do something to use them in that quilt too.
I have had these zippers for a while.  They are for using in bag making but I'm kind of bag making lazy.  Aren't the ballerina pulls so cute.
I have this kind of ugly metallic gold fabric.  I'm going to try to make this into a gold metal for my London 2012 quilt. I'm going to work on it this weekend.  We'll see if it works out.  I am not going for an exact replica but more in the spirit of a gold metal.

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Today's post is just a mash up of stuff at my house that I've been meaning to post. 
I saw these clippers online a few months ago.  I had to hunt around to find them.  They remind me of my mom who always loved scissors, especially clippers.  They are sharp and pretty.
We love beehives at my house.  My daughter brought me this cookie. and the metal bee and bee soap are from my sister, Michelle.  I will tell you that soap smells so amazing.
We are weird at my house, so keep that in mind.  This jar of "hand soap" was given to me by my daughter, Natalie.  I love love them.
The mold for the soap is obviously from dolls hands.  And the doll hands remind me so much of my childhood love of dolls.  I probably had a doll or two to match each doll hand soap.  I think they are so funny.
I showed Polly's quilt last week but I wanted to show you more of the chevron binding.  I really like it.  I'm going to bind more quilts with chevrons, I think.
No dogs were hurt in taking of this picture.  Shadow really got into the spirit of riding this horse.  We are cleaning out the "attic" at my house and this horse from years ago (Jamie's) was brought out to play around with.  I think most all the family had a ride that day.  We like to 'horse around'.
Last weekend the granddaughters came to visit for a few days.  Allison loved watching a movie in the laundry chute.  She didn't want to come out of it. 
Eliza is doing so well.  I tried to get a photo with her smiling.  She smiles with her whole face and especially her eyes.  She even giggles.  Every time I put the camera up to take a photo she stopped smiling.  What a cute face and sweet baby.

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I was lucky enough to play "nanny" to my granddaughters for most of the weekend.  Sewing wasn't primary for me but I did get a few things done to show you in progress of making my London 2012 quilt.
I decided to fussy cut a little Buckingham Palace guard to put in the bus window as a driver.  He's so darling there.
I have several crowns I've appliqued for this project.  And here is a little teacup.  I'm not done with either block yet but it is a start.
I am finished with my London Eye block.  It sorta looks like a giant spider or something but it is supposed to be the London Eye.  I used a dresden plate template and just fussy cut using a very wide striped awning type fabric to get the lines in the eye.
I have this very elegant silhouette block courtesy Pam Kitty Morning.  She was kind enough to share her idea with me.  I used mono-filament thread and a very thin fusible.  It gave me the look I was going for even though that method isn't my very favorite.

I'm not finished making blocks yet.  When I'm all done I'll decide how to put them together.  That will be fun, too.

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My cutting table is bursting with fabric in various stages of use for my London 2012 quilt.  I thought I'd show you some of the fabric I've been using or I'm about to use.
I can't make a quilt without dots.  This red and white is going to be used in my London Eye block.  I'm almost done with the Eye block, but this dot will be the fussy cut finish.  The little chevron is going to be in a London banner I'm making in the border.  I think.  This quilt has been planned as I go.  Not how I usually make projects but I've just let my imagination go this time.
These two have been used in my London townhouses.  I really want to make a quilt just with row homes after making these.
This is a fabric I got from Spoonflower.  It is vintage inspired.  I'm really not sure in what way I'll use it for this project but I will sneak it in somehow.
These have also been used in the townhouses.  Pam's blue check is really a staple in my sewing room.  I can use it in anything.
These fabrics are by Anna Griffin and BariJ and are both gray but vastly different shades.  I'm going to fussy cut these and make crowns out of both of them.  The queen has lots of different crowns, right?

It is going to be very hot here this weekend, and dry.  I both hate and love the dry.  Have a nice weekend everyone.

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More than a year ago I helped my sister Polly start a quilt.  She saw a quilt in a magazine that she liked and she wanted to make a similar quilt for her bed.  Polly hadn't appliqued before this project but she picked a great, simple design to learn needle turn applique.  Circles make such a great quilt. 
We used dinner plates for the template. Polly collected fat quarters that go with her bedroom colors and a neutral background.  I taught her a freezer paper method and she went to work.  I think it turned out fabulously.
The quilt is huge.  I forget the final dimensions but it is big enough to have a nice drop on the sides of her bed.  It is going to be so pretty in Polly and Ken's room.
There was an issue with the quilting and the quilter had it for months.  But the quilter fixed her problem and I really can't tell where the mistake occurred, thankfully.   I think the circle design is beautiful mixed with the appliqued circles.  The border is stunning and I love the deep rich golden color.
Polly and I have been so focused on getting the quilt to this point that we really hadn't discussed binding.  My sister lives in southern Utah and I had the quilting done close to where I live.  I picked up the quilt from the machine quilter and made a quick choice in binding fabric all on my own.  I hope she likes it.  It is brand new fabric out by BariJ called Vintage Fence.  Chevrons are great and I think it will be an interesting binding.  I cut the fabric strips and stitched the binding to the front of the quilt in preparation for Polly to pick it up when she is in town later this week.  Even though it is hot summer I think she will enjoy hand stitching the binding to finish up her beautiful new bed covering.  I am excited to see it on her bed the next time I visit.

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Thanks so much for everyone playing along with last week's giveaway for Melissa's book "A Year of Making Life Beautiful".  I'm excited to say that Vesuviusmama is the winner.  She will get a copy of Melissa's book in the mail.

I have to brag a little and tell you that I'm on Pat Sloan's radio show today on American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Radio.  Please tune in and listen today (if you dare) at 4:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Mountain time. I believe the shows are rebroadcast at the American Patchwork and Quilting website in case you want to listen later.  I'm not sure I have enough nerve to listen to myself.  You know how that feels to hear or watch yourself.  I hope I don't sound like too much of a goof.  Pat is so fun to talk to and I loved taking a class from her in the past.  She's warm and friendly and has such a great resume of accomplishments.  I had fun talking to her and I'm hoping that comes across.  Like they say in show biz, I was just happy to be (nominated) asked. If you look at her past interviews it reads like a who's who in quilting.

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Melissa Stramel is a blog buddy and asked me to be part of her blog book tour and I was happy to say yes.

Melissa has a new book out in both soft and hard cover.  I have so much in common with Melissa so it was really fun to receive her book and find fun things we both enjoy doing.  I thought I would post photos from her book along with photos of mine with things we have in common.

Melissa takes us month by month through the year in her book.  And it almost can be used as a calendar with things to do according to season.  I relate to so much of her farm life, even though I only have a suburban wanna be farm.

This picture is from my daughter Natalie's wedding (my family in the photo).  Note the flowers in the blue jar, just like Melissa.

Melissa has a garden and talks about growing things with her family.  In the late summer she makes salsa.

I can so relate.  I love to make salsa, too.

Melissa has chickens and the family helps take care of them and gather eggs.  This photo is from dying eggs at Easter with her children.

Of course I have chickens, too.  We love to enjoy our fresh eggs, just like Melissa.

Of course Melissa quilts, and we share that in common.  Along with so many other hobbies.  There are patterns, recipes, ideas and fun stuff all in Melissa's book.

This book tour has lots of blogs participating.  Visit Melissa's Make Life Beautiful blog for more information. And please leave a comment here for a chance at winning a copy of Melissa's book.  I'll be entertaining comments all week and will pick a winner over the weekend and announce the winner on Monday.  Play along, book giveaway tours are fun.

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I thought it was time for an update on sweet little Eliza.  So many of you have left caring messages regarding Eliza.  She's doing so well right now and I want to share the good news.
 This is my daughter, Whitney, with Eliza and Allison at the park. 
 Eliza is now 3 1/2 months and making great progress.  The pediatric cardiologist informed my daughter and son-in-law that one of the little holes in her heart is closing by itself.  They have delayed heart surgery for at least another year or longer at this point.  Since placing the g-tube in her stomach Eliza has steadily gained weight and now is over 12 lbs.  She's ahead of expected motor milestones as well.  She loves to be held but likes to play on her back pulling on toys and grabbing objects.  She's a happy, sweet natured baby.  She sleeps mostly through the night but the daytime  infusions keep my daughter very busy.  Allison is a great big sister and has adapted to sharing Whitney quite well.  I'm so proud of my daughter and how well she has done as a mom of a busy 2 year old and a baby with extra needs.  Eliza has been born into a very loving family with great support on both sides of the family. 

Again, I'm grateful for the suggestions, websites, and information given from many of you as well as the notes of encouragement and support.  We try not to worry about future issues that will crop-up but we enjoy Eliza each day.

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It was fun to work on my London Quilt blocks over the weekend thinking about the celebrations in England.
I appliqued a teapot and teacup.  I had a saucer cut out but I can't find it and hope it didn't make it into the trash.  I want to applique it under the cup.
I made some row houses or town houses.  I've been wanting to make these for a while now and they go perfectly with the London theme.
I'm going to stitch them together but I think I'm going to make 1-2 more houses before I decide how to place them in the quilt.
I also got my wheels appliqued on my bus.  I realize now I should have fussy cut people in the bus windows but oh well.

Pam is letting me use her silhouette for my quilt.  So I want to work on that this week.

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Did any of you watch the Diamond Jubilee festivities from the UK over the weekend?  I watched a bit.  It looked like typical British weather with torrential rain.  But that certainly didn't make the Queen stay indoors.
Last year I made my personal flag quilt and have been celebrating my 1/4 British heritage since then.  I've been planning and working on my London 2012 quilt and I'm really having fun with it.
I received some Queenly items and thought I would show them off.  A chicken bowl from Cath Kidson's, yellow roses, Cadbury candy in a UK bus tin, a Diamond Jubilee mug,  a tea towel with the Queen's corgi wearing a crown.... 
and a set of polka dot dishes with a teacup pretty enough for a queen.  Loverly, all of them.  
I'm just finishing this book about the life of the Queen.  I have a new appreciation for Elizabeth II after reading this book.  Some parts were a bit dry but I really like biographies and this story of the Queen's life was very enjoyable.

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