It is the last of the real market photos today. I have a few left to show. Tomorrow will be all about market parties. So stay tuned.
I'm too tired to remember who's booth this was but I loved how it was set up. I loved the quilts, the suitcase and the little house. Thanks to John I found out this was the Sweetwater booth. Oops.
I didn't mingle much with the Moda people but I really did want to get the Moda Bakeshop book since it is starring a friend of mine as well as some other fantastic people I met at market.
I stood in line to get the book and I'm so glad I did.
I had it signed by these fantastic people. Kim is my good friend 2nd from left. I met the others and Vanessa in the middle was so fun. I loved meeting John as well.
I love a signed book.
One booth I didn't show yet had the most remarkable colors. I just loved everything.
I really liked this quilt. It remanded me of hex signs. I would like to make one similarly.
This is Bunny Hill's booth. I didn't really get a good chance to talk to her but it was fun to have a few sightings.
This is from a great teacher, Jeana Kimball. I took a class from her and I am happy to see she's still working hard. I only use Jeana's needles.
In addition to taking a class on modern quilting and meeting Jacquie, I really enjoyed seeing many modern quilts.
Loved this little dress made from what could be wallpaper fabric. I didn't make a note of who it was made by.
Another quilt I liked.
Loved Quilt Soup stuff. And I bought this bag pattern. More about that later.

So next post will be about parties. They were all fun. I met great people and we had a wonderful time.

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I still have a few more market posts up my sleeve so bear with me. I'm determined to show as many pictures as possible. My memory is getting somewhat fuzzy now about names and exact details. Forgive me please. This is a jumbled post. Thanks to my daughter Shelbie for even helping me make this post happen.
Heirloom by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit.
Mark Cesarik, Calypso Swing booth. The fabric and ideas are pretty colorful and busy but there is something captivating about it all I think.
Westminster had some interesting things. I liked looking at what they had.
We are back to Kokka. Like I said, I'm disorganized here. I wandered back and forth to this booth a couple times.
More Kokka. Love Melody Miller's stuff. I like this line better than the new one though. You can't beat teacups, teapots and vintage.
More goodies.
This is Jennifer Paganelli's booth. There was so much going on at Free Spirit when I was there as well as a radio type interview with someone else. But I insisted on getting photos.
I love all Jennifer's stuff. She's incredible. And I got to meet her. Where is THAT photo I wonder? Hmm. Lori was able to get me Jennifer's book from her book signing. And I treasure it. More on her book later.
This is from Kaffe Fassett's booth. Loved seeing all his things.
I wanted to make a Kaffe quilt this year, I just don't know when it will happen. I really appreciate his style and colors.
This is a quilt from an Australian company. Lori got some patterns here. Don't you love this quilt!
This is my Jillily Studio. They were giving out little ice cream cones and of course we had to have one. Her booth won an award. It is so incredibly cute. I love the counter top, too.
This is Jill and me...sort of a distracted photo. I think I was starting to lose it around this time. Jill is fantastic though. Her stuff is great and she's an inspiration to me. Such a great person and almost nearly neighbor since we live fairly close to each other. I am so happy to see Jill's success.
Her new line of fabric with Henry Glass called Sorbet is darling. I use Jill's Appliglue. And she inspired my family quilting retreat.
This is a booth by another friend Kari Ramsay of Fresh Cut Quilts. Kari has a new line of fabric out, too, by Henry Glass called Daisy Dance.
Isn't this patchwork dog so cute.
Kari has a new line of fabric out, too. It is from Henry Glass called Daisy Dance. It has a great vintage appeal. So cute.
Heather Anka's Treasures is another Henry Glass family girl. All those wonderful designers were grouped together. Lovely stuff.Heather's quilts are really great. The booth was so well done.
And now to other friends and neighbors down the road a piece - Jana and Shasta of Izzy and Ivy designs. These gals are going places.
Here is me and Jana. I perked up a bit here with the great energy and style. I want to make their designs for Allison! Jana and Shasta have a new book coming out. Me wanty!
Look how cute everything is on a clothesline. You can't see well from this photo but I have the fabric for the little leggings and I'm making those for Allison. Soon. Very Soon.
They had a giant cupcake and sweet labels for a favor inside a cupcake cup. Darling ideas.
I had a great time talking to Jana and seeing what they are doing. I couldn't get enough of their fun ideas as you can see me milling around in their space.
In addition to children's clothes they have bag patterns but I didn't get everything of course. Love Izzy and Ivy.
Rose Cottage by Laurie Bird is another local designer. I really like Laurie's design eye. She's doing really fun things.
This isn't Laurie but she also is with Henry Glass.
This was my last stop that day. Shelbie and I went to the man cave at Riley Blake for a bottle of water and a rest before the trek out of the market floor and to our car. And we had a great chat and laughs with Paula and Moana, neighbors and local gals to us. What fun market to remember the booths at market and have a little rest before we went home.

I have to say I asked a lot of people what they liked at market. Lots of Riley Blake love was spoke. I am super proud of the local talent from our area. Amazing to me how much is going on around me.


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More more more... More Market of course. These are a little mixed up but I'm not taking the time to move them around. And some of the photos I'm not even sure about now that it has been over a week.
Cyndi Walker, Stitch Studios has new fabric with Riley Blake and her booth was very sweet.I'm pretty sure this is Cyndi's booth as well.
Loved the incredible rainbow of plains at the Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman booth. I tried to pick up some Kona Cotton at sample spree but couldn't get close to the table. Gorgeous deep colors always from Kona. Beautiful fabrics.
Pick a Bunch by Robert Kaufman has some really sweet new fabrics. I loved the designs and colors. My favorite in the collection is Sunflower.
Look at that cute huge pillow. I was really wanting to take that home with me I didn't think that was a free sample.
Shelbie and I spent quite a bit of time at the Yuwa booth. And Lori joined me later to look at the upcoming lines of fabric. Next to Lecien fabric, Yuwa is one of my favorite manufacturers of fabric.They really have some great stuff coming out. Most of the time I get my Yuwa through etsy or superbuzzy. I was hoping to talk to superbuzzy while I was there but missed her.
I actually sat at the booth and looked through samples. They were really nice and I came away with some yardage.
Appleville is a new line out by Kaufman and they already have it at Fat Quarter Shop. It is so cute. They didn't have it at sample spree so I'm glad it is out right now.It was fun to bump into friends here and there at market. This is me with the incredibly sweet Vanessa from V and Company.
Cuddle is a new line by Shannon Fabric. It is so incredibly soft and it is designed in some really fabulous prints and colors. Shelbie and I dropped by there several times for a little pet of the fabric.
They had made Cuddle into some really fun things, even clothes....
and a rug. I didn't get a photo of the owl print made in Cuddle but it was really sweet.
These are the girls at Tag-it-ons. They were fun and had some fun little tags to give away. I love the idea of sewing on sweet little premade tags.
This is Verna Mosquera's booth with her Free Spirit line of fabric called Tea Cakes. It was beautiful with darling fabric and great use of color. The applique is amazing. Take a look at these fantastic fabrics here.
And I took 2 pictures, this one not the best. But I really love the fabric in this line. And this line of fabric is available now.
I also really loved the fabric at Tula Pink. The new line is scrumptious.
Valori Wells has some great things in the works. I found her booth captivating.
Of course Amy Butler was there. I didn't see her, which was a little disappointing.I really really love Cluck Cluck Sew's quilts and how they put color and pattern together. Everything they showed was fantastic.
More Cluck Cluck Sew. How could you forget a brand like that? Super fun.

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