I think binding a project is intimidating for some people.  I was noticing binding on a quilt my mother made me in the '70s (hand quilted).It was single fabric bound the old fashioned way.  I'm sure it was scissor cut, too.  We've come a long way from scissors and single bias.
I'm always happy to help with binding.  My sisters like to have me cut their binding and sew them on their projects.  I'm glad to do it.
These are my sister Polly's table runner gifts for Christmas to her friends.  They turned out so cute that binding them was a treat.  I showed the mug rugs Polly made in a previous post.  
I gave the runners back to her just like this and she can hand stitch the binding while she watches a good movie.  Or 2.
My sisters and nieces got together in March this year to make the blocks.  It is such a fun and easy pattern
Polly had 4 table runners to bind.  She has a few more to put together before she is done.  I'll be happy to help her with those, too.  She's got some lucky friends.  They will love her gifts.  
I offered to help bind this charity quilt the women at my church were donating.  It was the least I could do to help.  My schedule doesn't give me much of a chance to serve in many other ways.  Some lucky family will really enjoy this quilt.

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While I was away for a few days I finished binding my Lakehouse Lunch Boxes quilt.  
I super loved making this fun quilt and it sewed up so fast that I can't believe it is done already.  
Holly and Pam sent me the pattern and a kit.  I have been oogling the pattern since seeing this quilt pattern was planned to come out with Pam's newest fabric line.
I used Pam Kitty Love but pretty soon Pam Kitty Picnic will be out in stores.  You can see by looking at the pattern at FQS that either line makes a super sweet quilt.
I think the design is just genius.  The instructions are easy to follow and this will be fun to hang at back-to-school season, hung in a child's bedroom, or obviously used on a bed.
You can see the edge to edge quilting in this picture.  I picked a big floral and it worked in well.  This is a great weekend project that spoke to my vintage heart.  I love projects where the fabric combinations work together like this.

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Regular readers of my blog know I have a friend with my same name, Nanette.  She goes by Nan.  She has a blog too.  Her blog is Pots and Pins.  Nan is a quilter AND a chef.  And also, a fantastic friend and person.  If you read Nan's blog you will know she is always doing things for other people and when I say "things" for other people I mean THINGS.  Everything Nan does is to perfection.
I was so excited to tell her when my daughter, Laurie, was assigned to be a missionary in Nan's area in Washington.  Saturday Nan and her husband took their entire day to drive to Marysville and delivery Laurie a "greenie" package.  Beyond thoughtful.  Since Laurie is a "greenie" missionary, Nan loaded up with all things green.  Of course Washington apples were front and center.    Not only is it a thoughtful thing to take a missionary a package, but it is SO CUTE! 
Nan sent me this photo of Laurie's apartment door.  I was so touched that they have a picture of Christ on their front door.  And knowing this is where Laurie is living and the door she comes in and out of is like a gift to me.  Thanks so much Nan.  I can't  find words to thank you enough.
So Monday is the day Laurie emails to home and she emailed this photo of her (left) and her companion, Sister Gale.  Aren't they so cute?  Laurie was so happy and surprised to get this beautiful basket.  She asked me if I had told Nan things she likes.  No I didn't.  But of course Nan 
got it right!
I am glad Laurie hasn't lost her sense of humor and I'm so glad she and her companion get along well.  Funny funny. 
Ok folks, that's not all!  I got home from a little few days away at my sister's house in southern Utah and this package awaited me.  It is from none other than....Nan! (sorry I know I'm using too many exclamation points in this post)  Needless to say, she knows just what I love.  It is a package to help me along with my London 2013 quilt.  Can you believe her?  
Inside was a fat quarter pack of London themed fabrics.  Adorable and perfect for me.
Also perfect, a vintage fabric charming pack.  Cute little squares for me to slip into my projects.  Vintage fabric is so happy.
Susan Branch book about England...It is prefect to inspire me.  I really like Susan Branch, too.  
My ancestors are from Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire in southwest England.  I will think of them as I read and enjoy things vintage and present in the English towns and country.
A beautiful cookbook of all things British.  Some of the food is frightening to read about (tripe?  but my dad used to eat that) and some of it is so yummy.  Again, inspiring.
One of my favorite dishes is Yorkshire pudding with roast beef.  Who says English food is bland?  Not me.
Nan couldn't remember sending me a British themed package before.  So I thought I'd repost this picture.  Everything she does is so thoughtful and cute.

Thanks again Nan for being such an amazing friend.  Even if you didn't send me wonderful things, I'd still love you.

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Earlier this year 2 of my sisters and 2 nieces got together with me to work on Vintage Holiday by Thimble Blossoms.  I posted about our visit and sewing here.  
My sister Polly has been busy making her blocks into mug rugs.  She sent me her blocks ready to quilt.
When I had a few spare moments I would work on machine quilting the blocks into little rugs.  
Then I stitched left over bindings to the blocks.
Polly's blocks/mug rugs turned out really darling.  They will make great gifts for her friends at Christmas.
I'm planning on a short visit south to visit my sister again soon.  I am excited to return the blocks all ready for her to hand stitch the down binding.  Think what a great gift they will be with a mug and some hot chocolate mix.  I wish I had a head start on my own Christmas gifts!


PS I swiped my Bloglovin list of unread blogs clean.  I am starting from scratch.  Maybe next week I can actually visit a few blogs.
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I keep thinking I will get on top of my life.  And maybe I should just realize this is the new reality. 
 Lizzie had a very bad week but is finally doing better.  Any cardiac testing/surgery has been put off a bit until her immune system is back from the effects of flu and dehydration.  Poor Lizzie. But she is really starting to get better. We are seeing lots of smiles return.
This last weekend Dave and his nephew Bryan harvested our second lot of honey from our hives.  It wouldn't really be Freda's Hive without honey, right?  
Of course we only have enough to use and give to a few people but it is fun to think this honey came from our yard and our hive.
I eeked out a few more blocks for London 2013.  I particularly like this blue and red house.
This brown house looks a bit off.  But I'll try to fix it up before stitching it with the other houses.
We've had some days of rain.  Allison is obsessed with jumping in puddles.  Early one morning she saw it raining from the window.  She grabbed her rain gear and insisted I follow her outside to play in the light sprinkle and watch her splash.  

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 So much has happened in the past week.  I'm getting back to my London 2013 quilt project. 
I only got 2 blocks sewn in the past week. London town house #1
London town house #2
Mason got his mission call.
He is going to the Uruguay Montevideo West mission and he leaves for the Argentina MTC on Jan 2, 2014.  It seems far away but he's got lots to prepare for.  It takes some time to get visas.  So he will use the time to spend on Rosetta Stone Spanish.
I have a box of pears sitting on my counter.  They are going from green to yellow.  I should be on this.  Seriously.
Lizzie had a hospital stay.  She's had complications from flu.  She is still quite sick but she's home now.  Sweet Lizzie. This is the most important way to spend my time.  

So much happening. But what did I expect when I had 8 children?  I'm not sure....

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I made one lunch box a day from the advance copy of Lakehouse Lunch Boxes pattern. And then over the long weekend I decided to finish the flimsy.
I keep my Pam Kitty Morning fabrics in a separate bin.  But I pull from the bin for most of my projects.  I added a few fabrics from my stash to put in with the kit Holly and Pam sent me for the lunch boxes.
I love how the quilt turned out.  It was a perfect September project for back to school time.
I can't pick which lunch box is my favorite.  I love them all.  Maybe that yellow dot would be a front runner?
The pattern is very easy to follow and all the measurements worked out exactly as indicated.  I love when a project comes together this fast and easy.
Pam's newest line Pam Kitty Picnic isn't out yet but I'm excited for it.  All the fabrics will work together well from her past lines and the newest line.  You can find the lunch box pattern here.
Now I am going to think about quilting it.

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