This month's trunk show was by Joylynn Cluny. I think she lives in the Salt Lake County area and she brought a friend and her machine quilter with her. It was a really nice presentation. She is a very prolific quilter and her quilts were well done and interesting.

This is Joylynn on the left and one of her friends on the right. I can't tell you how many quilts she brought but my 20 pictures are only a sampling of the total shown.

These 2 above are obviously the same quilt in 2 different color combinations. I have made this quilt before. Its Grandma's dishes from Blackmountain Sea Side Cottage book. Out of print, though, I think but its still around, I'm sure. My version was given to my daughter Whitney.

I thought this was a really clever way to make a bee out of a black button. Sweet, huh?

This was one of my favorites Joylynn showed. I love aprons and love vintage. It is a darling quilt. It is a pattern by a local quilt designer, Lori Holt called Apron Club.
This is another Lori Holt quilt called Grandma's Kitchen. I've got this pattern, too. Always wanted to do this one as well. Hey life's not over yet. There's time?

This is also a design by a local quilt artist based on the life of Joseph Smith.

I thought this quilt was cute but apparently I didn't get a picture of the whole thing. It is a sewing themed quilt. I thought it was clever that she used a washer for the blade of the rotary cutter. The whole quilt was clever, really.

This is the cover quilt from the Seaside Cottage book by Teri Christofferson. I've always wanted to make this quilt. I may even have this fabric. Gotta love those cherries.

I thought this was a fun quilt. Its obviously an Eye Spy quilt but she combined back ground fabric and the fabric in the magnifying glass that was similar so that it looked like the magnifying glass was really showing detail from the back ground fabric. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, cute quilt.

I think I have this pattern, too. No quilt though.

This last quilt was brought by Joylynn's friend Kathy Young. She is a machine quilter. This quilt was made to remember her mother by. It was very sweet.

Ok that about does it for the quilt night. It is always fun to see what others are doing and be with friends. - nanette

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I belong to a really fabulous group of women in my town/area. We meet together on the last Tuesday of every month in a room of one of the church buildings in town. There is usually 40-50 women that attend month to month and the faces aren't always the same but there is a core group and peripherals that evolve and revolve. Some of the women have met for 20+ years. They are all amazing quilters and the quality of quilts that are produced here in town is nothing short of amazing. So here is my report from our last meeting.

This cute cartoon greeted us on the wall. I hope you can read it. Is truer than we'd like to all believe I think.
You can't see everyone in this shot but it gives you a general idea. The room is fairly packed. Up first every week is group show-n-tell. And its great. I'm always so impressed and I enjoy the differences we each bring to the collective. In between "oohs and ahhs" we usually stitch or take pictures.
These 3 quilts were made by Dixie Andersen. They were all really nice quilts. And she machine quilts them, too, on her long arm.

This is Flora. Flora and Paula share the responsibility of organizing and having a presentation every month. Paula calls Flora the sheriff. Flora is my great pal. And she "gets me". Everyone needs friends that understand them and I think we really "get" each other. I don't know what I'd do without her. This is a recently finished cowboy themed quilt Flora made.
And she happened to finish another cowboy themed quilt as well to show. Both of them are darling.This is Paula peeking out from her Utah snowflake quilt she just completed. The reason Paula calls Flora the sheriff is that then she gets to be the deputy (and not the sheriff). But they really share the job very well. Without them there would not be a group such as it is. Truthfully I think neither of them love to be in charge so they squabble about who is going to be sheriff and deputy. And its funny. This is a quilt by Laurel. You can see her in the far right. She's an exceptional quilter and teacher. I took my freezer paper applique class from her and it was great.This is an attic windows quilt that is 2 sided. Its one of those quilt as you go and turn under the edges quilts. It was quite heavy and quite pretty. Her quilting lines were really straight.

This is the other side. It is a very nice quilt but I'm not sure I'm game enough to try that process.
This is Paula's daughter Clair's first quilt. She's a cutie and I think it turned out so well. If you look behind Clair you can see the quilts stacked for the trunk show that followed show-n-tell. But more of that tomorrow. I seem to have gotten the back of Sherry in nearly every picture. Sorry Sherry.
Her is Laurel helping Janice (far left) hold up her quilt top she just finished. The quilt is Birds of a Father. Janice is a legend in needle turn applique. She's fantastic. She orders the fabric for Broadbent's, a local quilt shop, and she and Laurel both teach there. Their work is fantastic.

Amazing, isn't it. I can't wait to see it quilted.

This is the famous Bonnie Miles. Bonnie teaches everywhere and takes groups to Lancaster County on quilt tours. This is one of her latest lovelies I think she made it with a Jelly Roll. I can just picture how pretty that would be on the top of a bed.
This quilt was a block of the month for each building. It is just darling and done so well.
I think this is another from the same quilter. You can see Flora turning around to tell me that next time I need to get there early and sit up front so I can take better pictures! Save Laura and a seat next time Flora!

These two shots are from Judy Spears' quilt. She combined 2 years of block exachanges to make this huge quilt. I'm sure she probably still has blocks. One year was the albumn cross and one year was the 9 patch. They go together so well.
It really was a great show and tell and I didn't get all the pics from every quilt. My camera is slow and by the time some of them were shown and then folded I was finally ready to take a picture. It was a fun night. Next post will be the quilts from the trunk show. - nanette
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I caught my husband's cold over the long weekend so I didn't work on any projects. Zero. Not one stitch. Kind of a lost weekend, and not much in the way of progress to show this week.

I did get some great things in the mail today that I thought I'd post. I feel like I'm gloating but I prefer the term "sharing".
First is my belated Mother's Day gift from Tracey (daughter #3, or twin #1) and her husband Eliot. Tracey and Eliot just moved from Utah to Oklahoma for law school and we all really miss them. I can't tell you how much I love this necklace. It is so pretty and I love the chain. Tracey got it at Etsy. I love getting and giving gifts from Etsy. Thanks so much to Tracey and Eiliot!

I ordered this product called Invisigrip. I'm not going to include a link because you can get it just about anywhere. Its a clear non-slip material to apply to the back of Omigrid rulers. I've been using those little sand paper stickers but for the Dear Jane rulers I wanted nothing obscuring my measuring. So I thought I'd try this. It says you can even apply it to your cutting mat but I think I'll just use it on the back of my templates/rulers. Anyone used this yet? I can't even imagine going back to using rulers with no grip ability.
And yes, new fabric. Shhhh. The Trueup blog is not good for the the fabric diet. Just warning you. The subtitle on the blog says "All fabric, All the time". Enough said. I have a thing for kitchen fabric and kitchen themed quilts. I have made 7 kitchen quilts to date and have one in the planning stages/list currently.

I saw this apron on Barbara's blog a bit ago and fell in love with it. I got the pattern a week ago and I misplaced it but now it's found. Another project(s) on the list. I really love the shape and fabrics Barbara used.

And I also got a little package from Japan. It's my latest Cotton and Paint issue along with a fat quarter of this blue daisy fabric. The little purse hardware was a cute gift. I really need to get my brother-in-law to start translating these books for me since he does speak Japanese.

This little softie is so cute. I don't have grandchildren so I won't make it but it is really sweet.

These little pincushions on clothespins are so cute. Wouldn't they make great gifts!

This little house is darling. Again, I want to make a house quilt but that project list is getting so long.

This issue has several matryoshkas in it so I know this trend isn't over yet. The little keychain is sweet and with a bell on it, too.

Tonight is my quilt group. I have to remember to stop talking and hand stitching and take pictures of the show and tell. - nanette

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