I wanted to say hi and Merry Christmas to all my friends that read my blog.  Blogging is good for me and having readers motivates my creativity.  I hope you are all having a nice and safe holiday.
Life is not always a Christmas Tree full of roses but I do wish that all for you.  I hope you are with loved ones and having a nice several days now that most of the preparations for the holidays are over.
I finished binding 2 quilts out of three that I picked up from the quilter last week.  And with wounded fingers I thought I would take a few days break.  I'm super happy to have my Vintage Christmas quilt done.  I really loved making this and it turned out super, I think.
Eagle Mountain Quilting did the machine quilting.  I had all over snowflakes quilted and it made for a nice overall design.
I think the sashing contributes to the snowy look. I love stripes in sashing.
You can see the snowflakes in the quilting best in this picture I think.  I love houndstooth fabric.  I will really hate to fold this quilt and put it away until next year.

Happy Holidays 

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As if I don't have enough to do, I started a scrap quilt.  Idiot.  I know.  But while I was waiting for quilts to be quilted I just couldn't stop myself.  Those red scraps and fatquarters have been tempting me for ages now.
I've been following the herringbone trend in clothes.  I guess herringbone is a follow-up to chevron, some would say.  Or maybe the same thing.  I've been looking at tutorials for herringbone quilts and decided I'd take ideas from 2 tutorials I really liked.  I armed myself with some pretzel sticks and cut strips in widths from 1.25" to 2.5".  Then I cut the strips into 11" lengths.  You can look at the two tutorials I blended from Rachel at Stitched in Color, and the other from Jess at SewCraftyJess.  
I opted to sew my strips in duos and then setting each pair back 1.5" from the edge of the previously sewn rows.  See above.  But remember, you have to make 2 sides going from left to right and the other from right to left.  Read the tutorials, they say it best.
I also opted not cut the ends off my strips at an angle like Rachel.  And I cut my strips in different widths  like Jess.  It took about 18 (give or take) strips to clear the ends of my 6"x24" ruler.  Then I made sure the ruler was set at the correct angle. Triming was very fun.
This is what the right and left side of the herringbone pattern look when set together. I will make 3 rows down and I'm not sure how many wide.  I like the fact that the different widths of the strips add to the scrappy look.  I pretty much stayed with a red and white theme.  Controlling the color helped control the chaos of widths and angles.

I started this quilt because I realized I have so many quilts that I don't put on beds because they are made from my original designs or special patterns.  I'm going to make this quilt in a large queen or king size and then use it on a bed in my home.  This quilt makes me feel like I'm getting back to my scrap roots.  I like that.

Meanwhile, this will sit in my sewing room and it will call to me while I make binding and bind 3 other quilts.  Busy busy.  My fingertips are not going to be pretty come Christmas Day.

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I was able to use Lori's tutorial this weekend to keep up with the row-a-long that Lori is teaching on her blog.  You can see the tutorial for the mittens here.  
I followed Lori's instructions and made one pair first, which was smart because I made a small error that I was able to easily correct.  From there I went on to make all 5 pairs of mittens.
Since my Christmas sewing is at the machine quilter, I am able to squeeze in a bit of fun sewing and I am glad that I am able to keep  up with Lori, despite the rush and bustle of Christmas.
I like how the mittens turned out.  They cute and will go really well with the rest of the rows.  It was fun to sew mittens this weekend because it snowed on and off for most of it.  It is the kind of snow I like, since it really isn't sticking to the road.

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I don't know about you, but with one thing and another, this time of year can put us completely on overload. I DVR'd Kelly and Michael Live and heard Kelly say she does her shopping in October.  Bravo Kelly.  But I've never been able to accomplish that.  I hit the off button.  One does not like hearing of others successes in the middle of a muddle. 
This terribly shot photo was taken just as I whisked away my stack of 3 finished quilt tops and backs to take to the machine quilter.  After meeting with her early this morning, I don't feel so bad for myself.  That is a woman with her hands full.  Literally. 
Oh my gosh, another bad photo.  Sorry.  Just a last peek at Pam Kitty Love "I Heart Buttons and Bows" before machine quilting.  I hate to part with it even for a week.   It is way cuter than this photo.
This is a recycled photo of my Christmas Tree banner taken years ago.  This is just to let you know it is not hung but it will be.  Soon.
If it wasn't for the help I get from my family, I wouldn't have my tree decorated, Christmas treasures out, and my kitschy wreath hung.  I love this wreath.  The cheap trinkets represent the joy of simple Christmas past.  And Oh!  Whitney cleaned my ovens in prep for holiday baking. That is a Christmas present for real.

I'll have my Christmas life together this weekend.  I have to.

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I had a very productive weekend.  My goal was to finish the 3 quilt tops I've been working on.  Well, 2/3 ain't bad, right?  In my defense, I ran out of fabric for one of them and I've been waiting for it to come in the mail.  I was expecting it Fri-Sat. but it didn't come, so for sure today.  Right?
This is one of the quilt tops I finished, Vintage Christmas.  My daughter said it looks like the Phillies and Eagles Christmas.  She's right.  I love it even more now.  Speaking of Eagles....the terrible losing streak was broken Sunday.  At least for now.  Not a great football year for us. Go Eagles.   Anyway I really like how my blocks worked out.  I had them all in order to sew into the sashing but somehow the order got mixed up while sewing.  It doesn't much matter, I think. 
Friday, Lori Holt and I had our Christmas lunch at Food for Thought in Draper.  It was fun as always.  Lori and I always exchange gifts.  And of course she trumped me.  Her packaging is always fun and fresh.
Lori gets gifts right.  The pink depression candy dish is super cute.  A girl always needs a little candy in the work room.  She filled it with special Christmas M&Ms (minty!) and included a hand made candy cane and a very cute gift tag that I will hang on my tree and then after Christmas hang in my sewing room.  Not pictured is the pattern Lori gave me for her stitching kit.  You can see it here.  I plan on making mine this summer and have some plans for it. Thanks so much Lori.  Love it all.
My gift is a little out of focus but I got Lori a pretty collapsible step stool with a fabric macaroon tied to it.  A fun gift, I think.
My most major accomplishment this weekend wasn't even the 2 quilt tops and backs I completed.  It was cleaning my sewing room.  I love a clean room with everything put in its place.  I had some time left over to cut out my mittens for the latest row in Lori's row-a-long here.  I really love this project and I'm happy when the new row comes out every other Wednesday.  I always look forward to it.

Hope for a happy sewing week.

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Pam's fabric is coming up everywhere.  I'm very excited for her.  
I was delighted to see Pam's fabric at my local quilt shop, Just Sew, in Highland, Utah.  I had to snap a picture to show Pam.  I'm going to go back to get some of the red gingham for the binding before it is gobbled up.
I'm excited to take my PKL quilt to my quilter. This is my fabric for the outer border.  It is so hard to choose my favorite fabric in Pam's latest line but I think this "Love's Bouquet" is my favorite.  Sew pretty.

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I've finished making my Vintage Christmas balls.  I can't decide what to use for sashing.  I have a border.  But I need to make up my mind before I connect the blocks.

They were so fun.  I'm going to get it finished this weekend.  Back to sewing...

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It's not too late to start a Christmas quilt, right?  I'm so susceptible to quilting peer pressure.  I've been watching so many bloggers make Camille's Vintage Christmas quilt pattern.  I keep thinking, oh!, that looks so fun.  But when I saw Sherri make it, I totally caved.  This is fun sewing at it's best.  The blocks are big and easy and jelly roll friendly.  It really is such a fun quilt.
I used Cosmo Cricket's Dear Mr. Claus for most of the blocks with a little bit of stash thrown in.  My white fabric is Pam's wreath print white on white from her first line.  I love the wreaths.
My blocks are sew cute.  I only spent a few hours over the weekend and I got 6 blocks (half the pattern) completed.
I threw in a bit of Riley Blake Alpine Wonderland for one of the blocks above.  I have a few fat quarters of that line.  It makes me want to make 2 of these quilts.  I'm thinking this would be a fantastic project for my sisters and nieces to make in 2013.  It is a great beginner project and fun for all quilting levels. (Just a tip:  If you have a friend you can split a jelly roll with just a few adjustments, add white fabric and a border fabric for this quilt.)

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