I was able to use Lori's tutorial this weekend to keep up with the row-a-long that Lori is teaching on her blog.  You can see the tutorial for the mittens here.  
I followed Lori's instructions and made one pair first, which was smart because I made a small error that I was able to easily correct.  From there I went on to make all 5 pairs of mittens.
Since my Christmas sewing is at the machine quilter, I am able to squeeze in a bit of fun sewing and I am glad that I am able to keep  up with Lori, despite the rush and bustle of Christmas.
I like how the mittens turned out.  They cute and will go really well with the rest of the rows.  It was fun to sew mittens this weekend because it snowed on and off for most of it.  It is the kind of snow I like, since it really isn't sticking to the road.

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Thimbleanna said...

Very sweet Nanette! I can't believe you're squeaking in some mitten time -- you need to send me some tips LOL!

Quilty Conscience said...

Very cute! I too am glad I did one first! Then the rest. Whew! Toni

•stephanie• said...

the thing i want most in life at this very moment is to sit down and sew. wait . . . i want to sit down and sew anything that isn't red or white or a burp cloth or a baby blanket! {or fixing/hemming random people's pants - how did i become the designated pants fixer of the world???}

but for now . . . i will wrap presents, and babysit a grandchild, and figure out some kind of neighbor gifts. and i am happy it's christmastime after all!

and after that rant, your mittens are adorable. i still love your background fabric!

Lori Holt said...

OMGosh Nanette!...these are just so adorable!!!
I'm sew happy that you had some sew happy time this weekend.
PS...the snow stuck to the roads big time at my house...we got at least 6 inches!
Mr. Honey has spent all weekend plowing snow:)

AnnieO said...

Darling mittens! How many more rows in the row along?

Dresden Quilter said...

These are so sweet. I am going to have to make some.

Nedra said...

I love how you placed your mittens up and down. Love your fabrics, too. This Row Along is coming along so nicely.

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Love your mittens...beautiful fabric choices!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Sherri said...

I just love them Nanette! I would love to see your rows all together!

pratima said...

Nanette, your mittens are adorable in gingham and polka dots :)

Gigi's Thimble said...

I LOVE these mittens! And such cute fabrics too! Fun background :)

I'm trying to find the name of that online store where you buy a lot of your fabric...the vintagy, japanese fabric?


Christine said...

Your mittens are so cute. You always use such lovely fabrics.