Yesterday I had just a few minutes to dash into a new quilt shop in my area.  
It is called The Quiltmakers Shop.  I love when quilt stores are in vintage homes.  It makes such a comfortable place to shop.  
The store is managed by my good friend Suzanne.  I met Suzanne nearly 20 years ago.  And I've taken classes from her.  She's an amazing quilter and a rock of a person. Wouldn't you know, the day I visited the shop is Suzanne's day off.
I'm always drawn into Texas Star quilts.  I've only made one and it was a trick.  The outcome is always worth it.  This one in red white and blue is a beauty.  And it looks like they are going to be teaching this at the store. 
The girls at the shop said their stock is growing.  I can't imagine how hard it would be to start up a quilt shop and acquire deep stock.  It takes time but this shop is headed in a great place.
Really love the notions display.  Colorful and cute.

If you are in the area, head to The Quiltmakers Shop at 285 East Main in American Fork. If Suzanne is there, tell her I sent you.


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It is pretty heady feeling to open a box and receive an ADVANCE COPY of a pattern I've been adoring and a full kit to make it.  I mean really.  I've been dreaming about how fun it will be to make Holly's pattern for lunch boxes with PKM fabric.  And now I have my chance.  
Generosity doesn't fall in my lap like this everyday.  The pattern is available next month here at FQS.  Pam's next line of fabric is called "Pam Kitty Picnic"  and will be available (I hope) next month as well.  I love the quality of Lakehouse Dry Goods.  They are wonderful fabrics to use. Petable!  Delicious!
Holly and Pam sent a nice assortment of fabric from Pam's past lines as well as some of Holly's Lakehouse designs throw in to sweeten the pot.  Love them all.
Everyone knows I'm a cheerleader and lover of Pam and her fabric.  I've kept every poster for all her lines.  They are on the bulletin board in my sewing room.  They just make me happy.
I really love the picnic idea.  How fun is that.  And I can use bits and pieces from the past PKM lines I have to mix and match.  That is fantastic.
I was actually sick over the weekend but I kept thinking about that box of fabric and that advance copy of the I thought I would just make one for now.  It was so cute and so easy.  The instructions are really REALLY well done.  And take that from someone that struggles to write patterns and struggles more to read and understand other designers patterns.  This pattern is super easy to get and the steps work up really fast.  This is seriously a weekend project.
I love the idea of lunchboxes in a quilt.  I was a brown bag girl growing up.  Boo Hoo.  And I loved the cute lunchboxes other kids had.  So now I get 12 of my own and I'm not going to share.  This is going to be a quilt I will keep for myself.  It is such a happy and clever pattern.  How could I part with it!?

Thanks so much Pam and Holly.  I appreciate you both.  I feel so lucky to have something ahead of even the cool girls.  I'm the "it" girl with this pattern and quilt kit!

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After dropping Laurie off at the MTC we drove straight to vacation at my sister's family ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming.  It was so wonderful to be with extended family and relax after the hectic pace of the last few weeks.
This year it was all about the grandchildren.  Allison is old enough to really enjoy the ranch this year and being with her cousins is a top priority for her.  She was able to use those red boots and lead the horse around the little corral. 
Even Lizzie got into the action.  This was a photo op, of course.  But Lizzie flourished with the constant stimulation of family and cousins.
Jumping in the frigid lake is always a tradition.  Of course not all of us venture out in that cold water but we love to watch.  This year cousin Rex took the plunge.

Mason should have swam around to warm up.  His expression shows the temp of the water.
The paddle boat is an easier way to play in the water.  Shelbie took the kids out in turns to tour the 
Jamie took advantage of the water.  She's a bit braver than some of the lake goers. 
Luke is Lizzie's favorite cousin.  I think they had a really good time together sharing toys and interacting.  
We had a pirate treasure hunt for the little cousins.  Jamie took her turn playing pirate.  Arrr.
Jens and Allison are best friend cousins.  They even have matching boots.  They were inseparable and wore themselves out each day with ranch fun.  Now that we are home she keeps saying:  "I want to go see Jens. Jens Please"

Thanks so much to my sister Michelle and her family for letting us play at the ranch. We loved it We miss everyone now.  It was fun to unwind.  I didn't even put a needle in my hand!  I can't believe it.  But it was time well spent.

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A week ago we took daughter #7, Laurie, to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah and dropped her off to start her 18 month LDS mission. She will leave next week for the Everett, Washington area.  AKA Snohomish County area where my friend Nan of Pots and Pins lives. 
Laurie is smart, and pretty, and funny, and has a desire to serve a mission for our church.  It is my job to support her 100%, even though it crushes me to not see her for 1.5 years!  We will get weekly email and I can face time with her on a few major holidays.
If you remember Mason (#8, the baby and only boy) is getting ready to serve a 2 year mission for our church, as well.  So right before Laurie left, she and Mason went to visit daughter #5, Chelsey, and her boyfriend Malachi, in California.  
Disneyland is so exhausting, right?  Mason is always photo bombing people.  
The Sunday before Laurie left, she gave an amazing talk in church speaking about Jesus Christ and her desire to be more like Him.  I was so proud.  After her talk we had a party for about 50+ family and friends at our home.
We had people on the front porch, the back deck, kitchen, and anywhere they would fit.  It was so humbling to see our family and friends come from near and far to support Laurie.  I was so touched by everyone.  It was a day to remember.
I wish I had taken the time to photograph all the food.  We had a very simple menu with fresh fruit, fresh greek salad, sandwiches and desserts from my neighbor Laura's cupcake shop, Carmela's Cottage (oh my gosh - they were so good).  It was a great summer menu.  There were lots and lots of preparations for the big party but seriously but I was too busy to take photos.  No kidding. But now I regret not having more shots.
Allison was so glad her cousins could come.  I can't tell you how much fun the kids had together.
Malachi took some family photos.  This is one with all the kids.  Wait.  Where is Allison?  Left to right Shelbie, Chelsey, Laurie, Jamie, Mason, Natalie, Eliza, Whitney and Tracey.  Yes, Whitney and Tracey are identical twins.  But obviously they all look alike.
The day came to drop Laurie off.  And seriously, that is what you do.  DROP OFF. I think there was less than 5 minutes before she was whisked away by a cute sister missionary.  We had a chance to take a couple photos.  But I think Laurie was over it and ready to just leave at that point.
And this is me...right when we pulled away from the curb.  Tears, red nose, the whole works.  Eighteen months just seems like it is so long.  After all, that is how old baby Lizzie is right now.  Sigh.  I am grateful Laurie is doing good things.  Isn't that what mothers want?  Yes.


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I'm missing my sewing machine lately so I'm dreaming of working on projects that I can't fit into my August schedule right now.  We have my daughter and son-in-law visiting from Oklahoma, another daughter and boyfriend here form California,  a big party this weekend with extended family and friends, followed by my 7th daughter Laurie, entering the LDS Missionary Training Center on Wednesday next week. Whew.
Fabric and sewing make me happy and calm frazzled nerves.  So enjoy this filler post with beautiful vintage fabric to sooth and make you smile.  Above, the little girl's face is a litte crazy (those eyes), but the dress is amazing.
I'm always drawn to PA Dutch type fabric.  Always.  So it is fun to have a few in my stash to dream of using.
Vintage kitchen fabric is a joy to behold.  Love the hot pad and kettle but all the graphics are adorable.
This kitchen print really reminds me of my childhood home on Church Street in Reading, Pennsylvania.  
I love this fabric.  It is a great color, it mixes kitchen motifs with PA Dutch.  So cute.
This red and white is kind of like Christmas meets PA Dutch.  The snowflakes are like hex signs.
This last print is my absolute favorite.  Strawberries are my favorite thing and then mixed with kitchen and garden images makes it just about perfect.

It is going to be a fun few days for me.  I'll be back in a while when we've rested and recoup'ed.  

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Busy busy busy few weeks ahead for me.  But I am still trying to squeak in time for my London 2013 quilt.  Hope you are having a nice August.

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