Sarah Smith cloth winners

I know everyone says this, but I sincerely wish I had enough packages of the darling Sarah Smith cloths to send everyone. I had 3 Nancys enter so I had to label them with part of their blog or tag name. Thank you everyone for leaving comments and participating. I always get the nicest remarks and it always makes me very happy to "know" all of you.

Winners - Nancy from Blogging near Philadelphia and Erica at Polka Dot Quilts. Congrats girls - please email me your address and I'll be mailing those thise weekend. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I also have several packages of Sarah Smith cloths I've set aside for a few of my closest blogging friends.
Thanks everyone and have a great Thursday. And to all those in Portland - I'm very jealous!
- nanette
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Sarah and Jack said...

I think I had some connection issues when you offered them up, so just in case, I wanted to say lucky you! They are gorgeous. I popped round to that website to check out all the loveliness!

(And what a simple idea, adding pretty patterns to cleaning cloths. WHy don't they all do it?)

Di~ said...

I'm jealous of all those girls heading to Portland also, even my quilt group leader gets to go. It would be so fun, especially 'cause it is close and such a pretty town!

Darlene said...

Congrats to the winners!

Sigh - could have gone to Portland and opted not to. Sigh!

Anonymous said...


I didn't even realize you were doing a drawing...I'm so sorry! I have been MIA in the Blogging world for a little while...just tired and crabby lately. It should pass soon tho! :)