Spring Market 2011 Part IV

More more more... More Market of course. These are a little mixed up but I'm not taking the time to move them around. And some of the photos I'm not even sure about now that it has been over a week.
Cyndi Walker, Stitch Studios has new fabric with Riley Blake and her booth was very sweet.I'm pretty sure this is Cyndi's booth as well.
Loved the incredible rainbow of plains at the Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman booth. I tried to pick up some Kona Cotton at sample spree but couldn't get close to the table. Gorgeous deep colors always from Kona. Beautiful fabrics.
Pick a Bunch by Robert Kaufman has some really sweet new fabrics. I loved the designs and colors. My favorite in the collection is Sunflower.
Look at that cute huge pillow. I was really wanting to take that home with me I didn't think that was a free sample.
Shelbie and I spent quite a bit of time at the Yuwa booth. And Lori joined me later to look at the upcoming lines of fabric. Next to Lecien fabric, Yuwa is one of my favorite manufacturers of fabric.They really have some great stuff coming out. Most of the time I get my Yuwa through etsy or superbuzzy. I was hoping to talk to superbuzzy while I was there but missed her.
I actually sat at the booth and looked through samples. They were really nice and I came away with some yardage.
Appleville is a new line out by Kaufman and they already have it at Fat Quarter Shop. It is so cute. They didn't have it at sample spree so I'm glad it is out right now.It was fun to bump into friends here and there at market. This is me with the incredibly sweet Vanessa from V and Company.
Cuddle is a new line by Shannon Fabric. It is so incredibly soft and it is designed in some really fabulous prints and colors. Shelbie and I dropped by there several times for a little pet of the fabric.
They had made Cuddle into some really fun things, even clothes....
and a rug. I didn't get a photo of the owl print made in Cuddle but it was really sweet.
These are the girls at Tag-it-ons. They were fun and had some fun little tags to give away. I love the idea of sewing on sweet little premade tags.
This is Verna Mosquera's booth with her Free Spirit line of fabric called Tea Cakes. It was beautiful with darling fabric and great use of color. The applique is amazing. Take a look at these fantastic fabrics here.
And I took 2 pictures, this one not the best. But I really love the fabric in this line. And this line of fabric is available now.
I also really loved the fabric at Tula Pink. The new line is scrumptious.
Valori Wells has some great things in the works. I found her booth captivating.
Of course Amy Butler was there. I didn't see her, which was a little disappointing.I really really love Cluck Cluck Sew's quilts and how they put color and pattern together. Everything they showed was fantastic.
More Cluck Cluck Sew. How could you forget a brand like that? Super fun.

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Nedra said...

I remember you were the first to introduce me to Japanese fabrics in quilting. (I went with Judi to one of your trunk shows at That Alpine Group many years ago. Happy memories!)
Your placements and use are so Nanette, and I think of you every time I see a nice Japanese print. Thanks for all the leads to Yuwa.

Rae Ann said...

Another trip down Market Lane with you makes for a very good day! Thanks for sharing all that wonderful eye candy and information!

Cindy's Stitching said...

All the pictures are beautiful. thank you for posting. I enjoy all of them

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you for taking us on another lovely walk through the market. It must have been so inspiring.
Love the Kona booth! I'm glad solids are all back again.

Sherri said...

Fun post again! I didn't spend any time with Kokka or Yuwa...glad you got some insight into those manufacturers new lines that you'll be able to share on the blog!

pratima said...

Nanette, thank you for a beautiful post. I adore Yuwa fabric. I'm looking forward to their new offerings :)

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

So. Much. Fun!!!

Lurline said...

Hello my Twin from USA - gorgeous post again - missing you, one of my dearest Blogland friends! Fondly Lurline♥

Nan said...

Every time I visit your little "Hive" I "buzz" away with a happy heart. REALLY, it makes me feel all tranquil and content. Thanks!

Sinta Renee said...

I can't get enough of those market photos!!! Thanks for sharing... and the ones you took of A Vintage Spool! I didn't see any other of those photos... I am going to Vernas retreat in July! I can't wait!!!

Micki said...

Thanks for sharing! It was fun seeing all of the pics!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Nanette, isn't Market wonderful. I hope I win the lottery before it comes to Houston. Love seeing everyone's pictures, makes you feel like you were kinda there. Glad you had such a great time.