Spring Quilt Market 2011 Day 2 Part I

I wish I could just talk to those of you interested in how Spring Quilt Market went in a fun conversation over a strawberry lemonade or something. That would be the best way since there is so much to say. Shelbie and I went together and met lots of people and saw so many things. In fact, when we went to bed at night all we saw was milling people behind our eyelids until we could settle down. It is hard to put the experience in photos with booths and people and also it makes me sad for bad photos that we can't recreate.
This "bad" photo technically just might give you a feeling for the speed of market and how fast everyone is moving. The motion is unbelievable. It is like speed dating would be if you were dating a blogger contact or even a fabric or quilt you liked. There really is no time and you have to drink it in and move forward.
This was at the Anna Griffin booth. I really loved the new line of fabric and all the vinyl bags. The big booth was fantastic.
More Anna Griffin. Such a cute booth.
This coat, as well as the dresses below, were from the Serendipity Studio booth. Shelbie was able to get the patterns for the dresses below, but she says she's waiting for some of the new fabulous fabric lines to come out this summer to start sewing.
The dress on the left looks like something I wish was in my size.
This was the OliverandS booth. Everything is laid out clean and gives a vision of what the line can look like.
Moda booth - too busy to talk to us but we did wish we could peek inside some sample books.
This is Cotton Way's booth. We got to see Camille, and Bonnie and see the red polka dot chair in person. I didn't get good photos here. But Camille got a photo of her, Sherri and me together, I think.
I loved Sandy Klop's American Jane booth. Her quilts and designs speak to my heart. I found out she is having yardage of the tickets and new tickets will be even smiley faces.
Sandy is so kind and talented. She is someone I'd love to get to know better.
Here we are. It was sweet of her to pose for a photo with me.
We next stopped to talk to Amber at the Gigi's Thimble booth. Amber is a great local girl and I'm tickled to see her step it up at market. I would love to make the arrow quilt for a boy baby sometime.
Her displays were really darling.
I hope Amber did really well. She's someone that I'd love to see succeed.
The Timeless Treasures booth was really sweet. Love these dresses made from robot fabric.
The booth was put together really well.
This is from the Fig Tree Threads booth. I got to see the beautiful Joanna.
Thimbleanna worked with Kelly at the Don't Look Now booth, such cute, quilts. Loved loved seeing Anna. She and I could really be best pals. Kelly has a great technique for rough edge applique that looks like something I'd love to learn.
This, and the next pic, are from the Basic Grey booth. It was really sweet/vintage. I liked their displays and I'm excited to see more of what they are doing. I was impressed.
More Basic Gray ( I think, I have so many pics to digest).
Elizabeth's Red Rose Farm quilt is a really great design and her fabric made a great quilt. I gotta get my hands on some of that fabric. Lovely colors and I love roses.
These bright children's clothes were at the Echino booth. Cute stuff. I got a little confused there about how they were selling the fabric. But I got a great look at what is coming up.

More later. I have to organize photos into small bites or they would overwhelm both me and you. My head is still filled with visions of market days alter.

After market I had 2 play sew and shop dates with Elizabeth, Pam and Lori. Stay tuned for more photos.

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Anita said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures. I love the chickens in Sandy Klop's booth.

Des said...

Hey, where you at market??? Looks like we hung out at the same places. Glad someone around here took pictures!

You bought that slice thingy didn't you?? I know you did. And now it's your dirty secret.

It was soooo fun to meet you. I really think we could do retreats together and within 48 hours I would have you begging for home.

Truly, you were the highlight of my trip! Wish we were neighbors.

Messy Karen said...

hi Nanette. there you are with Sandy. i just bought 2 of her patterns online. and i love the quilt that is behind you both. cute.

CreationsForEleanor said...

LOVE you pics. I am drooling over everyone's oliver and s pics, def time to order some more patterns!!

Lisa said...

fun! It looks like a lot of color!!!!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Really appreciate the photos. Thank you for taking the time to load them all up and giving an explanation, it isn't easy sometimes.

Thimbleanna said...

Wait. Aren't we already best pals LOL??? I LOVED meeting you -- what a sweetie. And Shelby was a bonus. Lucky you -- sewing and having fun with L, E and P -- I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

strawberrycream39 said...

Soooo much quilty goodness! I must say I'm loving those dresses. I've got to think about making myself one...hmm... Anyway, thanks for all the great photos!!

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

Looks like fun. I sure would love to sit down with you for that lemonade!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow to get to share that with your daughter and hang out with friedns. I bet is was amazing!

Julie said...

Amazin!!! So much to take in, and to look forward to as well :D

pratima said...

Thank you for the eye candy and preview of future collections, Nanette. The quilts and dresses hanging in the booths are so much fun.