Owls and bees

Last week was the Beehive Bazaar. It is a local fair that occurs several times each year. They always have some really cute things. My daughters and I are regular attendees at the bazaar and last Friday was the annual Mother's Day event. We bought a few things and other things we just admired.
It is kind of hard to gain perspective on this item. But I'll start out describing it as something I really wanted. The price was hard to swallow so I passed it up. It is a wire beehive with bees flying around in and out of the wire hive. The sign says "Queen Bee" and is topped with a vintage doll (top part of body only) holding a paper hive on a stick. I love the mixed media art and every bazaar I seem to find something I can't really justify buying and then regret then not purchasing. Isn't this just so amazing. Lots of my photos just didn't turn out but I'm glad this one did.
There were so many things with owls on them. I love owls. I thought these cloths/soaps would make great gifts.
I did buy Allison a little bag with an owl. She can keep her treasures in it. My daughters mostly all liked carrying around a bag full of little things when they were young, and I think Allison will, too. (though I could have made this....)
I got this purple screened owl t-shirt for Allison, too. It is fun to pick up a few Nanny items for her sometimes.
I didn't get these at the bazaar but but bought them on etsy for my daughter as birthday trinkets. She likes owls and they are really cute magnets she can put on her fridge.

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Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Hmmm, that doll is interesting. I like mixed media but I am so sad she's only half there! LOL! Those owl magnets are so cute! My kids, too, loved bags. So did my grandson. Sometimes we'd even shop for fabric to make a bag. Gotta train them right! LOL!

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

I do the same thing at these types of sales. I could make that and then I don't buy it or make it. LOL

Lily Boot said...

I know exactly what you mean! Those kinds of sales are my idea of shopping heaven - department stores? nope - boring. Strange, mostly useless old stuff - awesome! But then, I get home and think oh my goodness, what was I thinking! You should have seen this wooden greek doll in a beautiful red and white satin outfit with embroidery - all old and falling apart with the paintwork falling off that sat on our piano for years- I loved it! Everytime Julian looked at it he shook his head in amazement that I paid for it. But Miss Queen Bee - ooooooh - I'd have been tempted. Gosh - I can just imagine her sitting in the corner of your sewing room - you could make her wonderfully quirky costumes and dress her up! Good thing you didn't bring her home :-) I admire your strength!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I like those kinds of sales, too. Maybe it's just seeing others' creativity that makes it so enjoyable. And what a lot of neat little treasures you acquired!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Gorgeous owls Nanette, I love the owl magnets and the bag!!! xo