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I told you some of the fun things I did in southern Utah while I was gone. And while, there I picked up or was gifted some fun things. It is always enjoyable to get new things and gifts. I didn't really buy anything while I was down there, except for one purchase in an antique store.
I was able to negotiate a pretty good deal on these "Halls" pieces. I remember this china pattern from when I was a little girl. We had a ball pitcher exactly like this one I purchased in Hurricane. As a kid, it was my job to make koolaid in the pitcher. We really only used my mother's autumn leaf serving set for holidays. And being clumsy kids most of it the Halls pieces in our home were broken by the time I was a teenager. So it was really nostalgic to find these salt and pepper shakers and the ball pitcher in the antique store in such great shape.
Rae Ann educated me some about the Halls brand as she has a collection as well. My sister Michelle reminded me that the "Jewel Tea" man would come door to door selling things and mom (Freda) purchased her serving or hostess set from him. I think that was before my time. You might be interested more in the Halls brand and can read about the history of it here. I've seen pieces on ebay and the china is fairly priced in some instances.
I had already acquired this milk pitcher years ago from an online shop when I came across a deal. The autumn leaf pattern really brings back my childhood and fun Christmas, Thanksgivings, and special days when we brought out the table cloth and used what Halls pieces we had, which was never a full set.
Before we went to southern Utah my mother-in-law sent over a get well gift for me. My in-laws served one of their LDS church missions in Ukraine in the 90s for 3 years. I have a few matryoshkas but my mother-in-law knows I really like them so she gave Mr. Hive this hand painted authentic matryoshka for me to enjoy. Thanks Marie, that was very thoughtful.My sister Polly bought me this precision tweezer. I love it. A girl has got to have a good tweezer. Right? Yep. Thanks Polly. Hopefully I can keep it from walking away like ones I have had in the past (thanks to 7 daughters). We always stay at my sister Polly's house when we go to southern Utah. She and her husband Ken went far out of their way to make us feel at home and taken care of. The accommodations and meals go unsurpassed. Thanks again, Polly.
Michelle gave me this monogrammed jar full of candy. Well, it was full of candy. But I noticed everyday after I brought it home, little by little the candy disappeared. Even my granddaughter figured out how to smuggle candy out of it.
So after my family emptied the cute jar, I filled it with beautiful trim. These beautiful European trims are way too pretty to hide, so this jar makes a perfect home for them. Michelle also made this hot pad. It is really a handy design. And pretty.
The 4 squares open up so you can put your hand inside and quickly handle hot things without fumbling like you would with an oven mitt. Pretty smart and cute too.Michelle really spoiled me. She also brought me this really cute beehive bag. First off it is really darling. And such a great size.
Second, it is incredibly practical. I can use it for traveling and put in cosmetics and hair items or I can use it for going to quilting classes, retreats and on the road. Guess which one I'll probably use this for! It really is perfect. Thanks so much Michelle.

You can see I had a wonderful time visiting in southern Utah.

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Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

What fun purchases! I have a thing for pitchers, creamers and sugar holders. And that bag is darling. You know I love bees!

Darlene said...

Wow, definitely lots and lots of fun things. Thank you for sharing and I hope you're feeling much, much better.

Lynn said...

I always feel better when the rest of my family eats the candy, that way the pressures off of me. I like that jar filled with the trims, so pretty. I have a jewel tea bowl that was my grandmothers and had heard stories to of the jewel tea man.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

How nice, Nanette, that you were spoiled so beautifully! I would say that after all the time you spend spoiling others, it was your turn.

Dawn said...

I am kicking myself.
When we moved into the hubs' grandmother's house 26 years ago, I put an entire set of Halls out to the curb.

donna said...

You found some wonderful treasures.
The jar filled with trim is so pretty. Hope you have a great week.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Looks like some great treasures and a little spoiling going on. Glad you had a great time.

Sinta Renee said...

I would have loved to go shopping with you! I have a couple of other Hall's pieces and mainly collect Fiestaware. Thank goodness they started remaking it... it killed me when pieces broke when my kids were little. Your other purchases look like fun too.

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

I can see you had a wonderful time in southern Utah! That bag is perfect for you!! And the Hall's pottery pieces!! Wow, what a find! The get well gift from your MIL is super sweet. :-)

Janet said...

Just thought I'd share that I also have one of the very special Hall's Superior milk pitchers. My mother-in-law used that pitcher for liquid always when she baked. I was the lucky and fortunate recipient when she passed at almost 102. It reminds me of her a lot. Thanks for the special memory!

PamKittyMorning said...

We used that same pitcher for iced tea in the summer. Gosh it brings back memories.

Browndirtcottage said...

I'm just crazy over your Hall pieces...I love the curved handles on the salt/pepper shakers.....and that 'trim' in your new jar...swoon!

michelle said...

More fun than giving you gifts is having you for a sister. You are my gift. Gee, could I get any sappyer.

Sandy said...

My grandmother had the autumn leaf pattern and I always associate it with her whenever I see it....which is not too often. This was in the early/mid 1950's...what memories. Thanks for sharing.