Oh my gosh only 11 days left

I really hate when people tell how many days left to shop for Christmas. It always makes me panic slightly. So I'm just spreading the love with the title to this post. I'm a grinch at heart.
I got something in the mail that melted my Grinchy heart. My sister Michelle sent us Tastykakes for Christmas. Oh my gosh. It is like being a kid again eating these. Delish. Thanks so much Michelle.
I hope I get my quilt back for Allison in time to give her for Christmas. If not, she'll be in Hawaii for Christmas anyway. She's 2 and has been there twice. I'm 54 and have never been there. Not that I really want to go. I'm just saying. I don't feel very sorry for her if the quilt isn't bound by the time they leave on vacation. (see only a Grinch would say that)
This is the back for the quilt. It is eyelash minky. I'm pretty sure my machine quilter will hate me for this. You can't really improve on perfection. The kitty panel is so sweet and delightful I really didn't mess with it for Allison's quilt. I just put the border on it and called it good. Like I said, if my husband would let me, I'd put this on my own bed. So darling. This is how famous Pam is: if you google "PKM", Pam's blog comes up. Crazy. She's a legend. Speaking of legend...Mason was holding up my quilt top to help me photograph it. When the doorbell rang.
His date to the Christmas dance gave him her answer. And then the door bell rang again.
And he got the 2nd half of his answer. Kids are so creative now. In my day we simply said "yes". He said the answer was in reference to a TV show episode. Whatever. After all, I'm just an old Grinch. What do I know anyway?

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PamKittyMorning said...

I'm always cracking up over the dance stuff. Of course I don't watch whatever show it's in reference too but I bet it's funny.

GRINCH, me too. xo

PamKittyMorning said...

p.s. thanks for loving my fabric.

Mary said...

I know about Tastykake. We had them when I was young in New Jersey. Once in a while they show up in Illinois. I used to get them when my parents lived in Florida. I would bring boxes home!!
What Fun!

Tara said...

I love the creative dance answer! It is from the show How I Met Your Mother with Neil Patrick Harris, remember from Doogie Howser, M.D.?
Happy Holidays!

Mary said...

I am gonna admit that I am a grinch too. I wish adults would come together and agree not to give gifts to each other. We do that in my family and it's awesome- less stress...just enjoy each others company. A certain family member who will remain nameless has gone from getting NOTHING for any of us (incl) kids and to getting my husband and I gifts even. I wanted to tell them I liked it better when they were a cheapskate!! I will trade you whatever they get me for tastycakes :) hahaha

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I don't know if it's grinchish exactly, but I don't like giving Christmas gifts. Or any gifts that have to happen on a certain day. I love giving gifts, I just want to do it when I want to do it. Bad, I know.

Having got that out of the way I have to tell you that I agree totally, that panel is perfection with no help, though the border is also perfection. LOL Got to get me some of that fabric!

Also, that is one little heartbreaker-in-the-making of a son you have there! What a cutie.

Janet said...

I've been a grinch for the last few years so I can have a luagh with you. I'm glad I'm not your machine quilter but Alison will love it I'm sure.

Joyce said...


I thought it was just me that was in a grinchy mood this year.. I love all you stuff! Missed seeing you at the Alpine quilt group. We are having a giveaway on our blog.. stop by! Merry New Year! and all that jazz!

Sherry said...

Hi Grinch...I mean Nanette! LOL Loved this post, made me smile. Christmas is slowly creeping up on us. I share your love of PKM fabric and love Allison's quilt. Just glad I didn't have to quilt it! :)

Lynn said...

I think that grinchiness is going around this year, at least for me. I spent some time last week trying to find the "in" sold out toy for my sil and bil to give their children and I witnessed the worst in Christmas behavior in the toy aisle at Target and then I went into the food section and Tastycakes are now $4.50 a box!!
But then I went to a chorus concert and it was beautiful and I felt better. If I were you I'd snuggle that minkee kitty quilt for a little while.
Love the pics of your son.

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh Nanette! Thanks for the laugh this morning. First, the line about Allison having been to Hawaii twice already and you never -- and then your quilter hating you. Your delivery is hysterical. And VERY Grinch-ish. Perfect.

LOVE the answer to the date. That little cutie of yours looks VERY pleased -- as it should be!

CreationsForEleanor said...

Mason is hilarious! The quilt will be fabulous!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Oh you Grinch! I'm laughing at this whole thing!

PatSloan said...

how clever is that!