Quilty Fun Sew Along Blog Hop

It is everywhere!  Lori's book Quilty Fun is hot off the presses and there is a new quilt and blog hop to celebrate.  You can catch the details here at FQS Jolly Jabber.  See the list of all the blogs and keep up with the sewing fun.
This is the new quilt to make on the blog hop.  

The first week is apples by Kerry.  Read about it here.  Visit Kerry's blog to see how cute they work up and get her details and help at her blog here.  My sisters and I are making apples for our family 2014 project.  So this will help me get a leg up on that project.
My turn is week 4 and I'll be making and showing the baskets.  Lori's book is great.  The photos are awesome.  If you don't have a book yet, it isn't too late.  You can get one here.  I've grabbed several to give as family gifts.

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verykerryberry said...

Can't wait to see you baskets! And the apples 2014 project x

Pinkadot Quilts said...

It's a great book!

dream quilt create said...

I love Lori's book, it's incredible just like everything else she does! I'm doing the Quilty Fun Sew Along and am going to keep it for myself to hang on the wall. I'm sure looking forward to seeing your baskets :)

Berglind said...

I saw this book at my friend, loved it! Do you know where to buy it? I didn't find it on Amazon :/

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