Quilty Fun Cocoa Cups with PKM

It is time for another week of Quilty Fun using Lori's book. You can get the details at the Jolly Jabber, Pam Kitty Morning's blog, or from Lori herself. 
Pam of PKM fame is hosting the cute little mug/cup this week.  You can see Pam has her work all set out and ready to sew. Pam has all the particulars for making this cup on her blog.
The cups are so cute in any fabric.  Jolly Jabber posted this pic.
These are my mugs from when I made the row along.  Yikes my threads look so messy on the black background. Oh well. The cups sew up super fast and are a delight to make.

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PamKittyMorning said...

Always so cute, love your choices! xo

dream quilt create said...

Love your cocoa cups Nanette! Enjoy your phone calls at Christmas :)

debbie said...

Love the rows, all of them. I asked my local library to order the book and they said no because it is only available spiral bound and that makes it fragile. I asked the Depository in the UK to order it because they offer free shipping worldwide. Postage from USA to Australia nearly doubles the price of the book for me, but I will keep trying because I just love the rows, especially the apples! The exchange rate is not good for us Aussies from the USA at the moment either...but will keep watching for a good deal. xx debbie

em's scrapbag said...

Such sweet little mugs!

Unknown said...

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