Belated Valentines

I'm always so behind these days.  My life continues to be kind of topsy tervy right now but I'm learning to be patient with myself.
I love red and Valentine's Day.  I love that it is just a sweet day and I take it with a no obligation point of view.  I choose to celebrate in fabric because the prints for valentines look so happy.
I have very fond memories of sending valentines to my classmates and enjoying the valentines sent to me.  I used to keep the valentines long after February ended.  
I hope you had a nice day.  We spent it at home watching a movie and eating Chinese take-out with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.  I can't imagine a better way to celebrate.

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Tanya Quilts in CO said...

We had same idea, home for Valentines. We had cheese fondue and wine. It was lovely!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I always love how you set up your table I especially love the quilt in the top picture. Not sure of the name but it looks like Diagonal Rows? Just love it. Glad you have a nice day.

Lynn said...

I always enjoy seeing your valentines quilts! Or any of your quilts for that matter.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Red is wonderful all the time! I love your bright cheery quilts.

circle r motel said...

I love red too. I don't have a Valentine's Day quilt, table runner or anything else. I need to get with the program! Loved your blog today!

Nedra said...

A belated Valentines Day to you, too Nanette :) Love being sent your way!

Scrapatches said...

Lovely! May you have a Happy Heart Day every day ... <3 Pat

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like a perfect Valentine's to me! I sure wish I'd kept some of the Valentine's we had as children. XO

jan said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too!
xo jan

pratima said...

It is a joy to see your seasonal quilts, Nanette! So cheerful and adorable in every way! Glad that you had a lovely Valentine's day! I hope your health is also improving.. Take care!

donna said...

Your quilts are beautiful. Sometimes I wish I would of kept all my Valentine's from class mates. Happy Belated Valentine's Day my sweet.

steve said...

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