Let's Play Bingo

Bingo is important at my house. We play it at Christmas and Thanksgiving. So when I saw Stephanie post about Spring Fever Bingo on her blog I immediately thought "I want to play!". Spring on over to this blog and play along.

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Alice Regan said...

I'm on my way to check out Stephanie's post on Spring Fever Bingo. Thanks for the link.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving kind words about the loss of a dear friend. It meant the world to me!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Aren't the words fun?

AnnieO said...

I jumped over from somewhere else last night and signed up. I hope I remember to check on the proper start date! Sounds like a good time :)

Pat said...

What FUN!!! Thanks for telling us about this. I just went and chose my words and emailed her. If I don't win, I hope someone I know is the big winner.....like maybe YOU!

Joy said...

Ooooh Fun!!! Thanks Nanette!!
Joy :o)

prashant said...

What FUN!! thanks
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