I have been enjoying the bird themed fabric and appliqué I've seen in the fabric stores and in blogs lately. I think the birds are so happy and cute. I've been wanting to design my own bird quilt and I've been making sketches over the past weeks but nothing seems just right. The other day I went through my feed sack squares to sort and organize them in prep for a special place in my new sewing room. I came across this tiny inspiration feed sack scrap that I've been hoarding and admiring for years. I've also been appreciative of stylized sketchy outline work like Janet Claire does and the cute purse in my Japanese sewing magazine (purchased at from Kitty-Craft). I combined the two ideas and came up with a trial sample for a new quilt. I'm not sure if I'm quite "there" yet so I'll have to think about it and maybe play more with the idea.

I know the birds look quite skinny but I'm going for a different look that some of the plumper appliqué birds. I love squares and simple lines and I want my birds to be more like the fabric. The bird is meant to be sitting semi-profile on a tree branch. I guess if I have to explain what its supposed to be I have more work to do. I think I may have to move the feet (claws?) a bit. Maybe. But the pointy bottom is supposed to be tail feathers. I think I'm in the right direction but I'm wanting to play around with it some more. And thats the most fun part!
- nanette
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Thimbleanna said...

Your little birds are darling Nanette. I like that sketchy style too!

whitneyms said...

OOOOOOOOOOO, i love it.

Purple and Paisley said...

love it...maybe you don't even need claws? or they could be little triangles out of a coordinating fabric put on top of the ric-rac? you are talented, that's for sure...=)

Di~ said...

The birds look really really good. Keep them the way they are. I like no feet. You didn't have to explain them! I'm lovin' those fabrics too! You should design fabric!
~D Spack~