Creating a room

Its very exciting to be creating my new sewing room. I am really enjoying the process of putting it together and deciding where things go and on what shelf. Its kind of moving slow but this way I can go through each piece of stash fabric and enjoy the texture and print as I fold and create stacks. My friend Laura suggested using the top shelf for many of my quilted flags, baby quilts and smaller quilts and gave me the idea to cut a piece of cardboard in the desired size and then fold all the quilts around the cardboard to make them uniform. It worked out great. I used that same idea as I am folding fabric. I have several pieces of cardboard in different sizes that I fold my fabric around so they will all be even and straight (as much as possible). Shelbie organized all my quilting magazines by type and date into the Ikea magazine organizers. The white outside of the organizers is so pretty I almost hate to label them. Maybe I won't. Then Shelbie took all my sewing/quilting books and organized them by color from white to black. I saw that on done someone's blog I think but I don't remember where. For Christmas Natalie made me fabric boxes from a tutorial at the Sew Mama Sew blog. They turned out so cute I want to make some myself. I love those tutorials. The quilting angel on the shelf is a gift from my sister Polly. Its darling.

I love covered buttons. Its a great way to showcase tiny details in fabric and use up interesting scraps (though not a cheap way). I have a jar of buttons I have made and extras parts ready to make more. You can never have enough buttons on hand! This is where I buy buttons to cover.
Carpet is still a week or so away, I think, but I'm still not halfway through organizing all my fabric yet. I can't fit all of it on the shelves but I have plastic organizers for some of it. It may take me forever but having things organized is worth it. - nanette
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Natalie said...

it is really starting to come together and look fantastic, just like all the sewing studios we have been jealous of lately.

chq said...

I am so completely jealous - but only in the nicest way possible. I'm happy for you, and it looks like your space will be so beautiful. A quilting room is definitely on my wish list.

Happy New Year!


LizzyHouse said...

Wow!!! Was it worth the wait? It looks beautiful. I can't wait to see more pictures!

Happy New Year squared


Thimbleanna said...

Wow, this looks like a great room. I love all your organizing tips. And I really love the quilts you've been showing -- especially the one with all the dots for your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Nan your shelves look awesome (I hate that word but can think of no other to describe how great it looks) All that hard work is so worth the total look. The color coordinating is a great idea. What would you do without such great girls to help you.

michelle said...

Keep alittle space open for alittle surprise I am getting you.

Oiyi said...

Wow, I love the room.

mommasunflower said...

Your room is GREAT! I'm hoping to get my own sewing room soon. Hubby has been promising since June though. HEHE! Although my room will be combo sewing, craft and computer I know I will enjoy it as much as you are going to enjoy yours.


Rachel said...

I'm so envious of your organized sewing room!! I need to get myself in gear and make a clean sweep of my craft area.

Rima said...

I love the organization! Wonderful

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