New Year

Happy New Year! It has snowed nearly every day since Christmas Eve. Down with Christmas stuff and up with snowmen and valentines. I love the icicles hanging behind the snowman. This flag belongs to a collection of flag/banners that I designed and made using 2 1/2" squares from my scraps. Its a great way to use up scraps and have a fun little quilt to greet friends and family on my front porch.

This quilt is made from a red work line of fabric by Mary Englebreit I made several years ago as as sample quilt for a local store, Pipers Quilts and Comforts, in the Salt Lake area. I used Barbara Brandeburg's pattern from her Tried and True book and I think the pattern is called Red and Butter if I remember correctly. I made one for the store and one for me. Its a kind of valentine quilt and I usually hang it up in my entry way at the first of the year. I really like using Barbara and (her sister) Teri's patterns. They always work out. - nanette

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michelle said...

You have so many beautiful quilts I haven't seen. Now that you new room is done (it is isn't it) I must come and check them out.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty quilt. I am going through a red and white phase, I think. Your work is beautiful. Vicki

Di~ said...

Oh Nanette - I love this quilt too!!! I want to make everything you make!D Spack