Red Riding Hood: Part 2

Upon seeing my red riding hood cape, my sister Chelsey exclaimed, "but I'M red riding hood!" "I want a red riding hood cape!"

When we were little my grandmother (Freda, of course) made a little doll as a visual aid to tell the story of Red Riding hood. When you flip Red Riding Hood's skirt, her grandmother is revealed, and flipping grandmother's cap reveals the big bad wolf. Chelsey used to love to sit on my grandmother's lap and make her tell the story over and over again.

When my grandmother died, and we were going through her things, she claimed this doll immediately, as a token to remember the time she spent with my

Chelsey requested that her cape be made a very bright red, and that it be somewhat more diminutive in length than mine, and also that the hood be large enough to hide her head in.

I made my own changes to the design of her cape. To make it wearable year round, and machine washable, I used mercerized cotton. Since it was so short, I decided to add visual interest by making a simple lacy button band that extended into the hood.

Now Chelsey gets to play little red riding hood as often as she wants to.-

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Darlene said...

Oh, I had a Red Riding Hood doll - where did she go? I wonder!

What a delightful blog!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...


I LOVE your blog! What a terrific thing to be able to share with your girls. All so talented! I'll look often---


Jana Nielson said...

I had that doll!! I love your blog! I am so glad to have found it, and I'm bookmarking it for sure! Go Utah!