Lime Rusted Root Summer Sweater


After making my vest - I wanted to make something that would be wearable for the summer. So, I got some cotton/silk blend & decided to make a pattern that has been a favorite of my - and is currently the #1 pattern on Ravelry, the Rusted Root pattern from Zephyr.

I went with a heavier weight yarn (worsted), and a smaller size - which worked out well. I'm pleased with the puffiness of the sleeves, and the thickness of the patterns -- this is one of many patterns that was designed for an extra-small, so, by going to a heavier yarn size, I think it helped to make the sweater look more custom-made to my size.

You can see Laurie in the picture, sneaking in - somehow she managed to get into most of the pictures that were taken, oh well.- Shelbie
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Kim Walus said...

Great Sweater! Love the Color and the detailing in the design!
You are one talented young lady and I've loved seeing all the things you've made!

Kim said...

I so envy knitters :)
your sweater looks great!

Trisha said...

It looks wonderful and it looks wonderful on you! I would love to knit Rusted Root but I am a little intimidated by sweaters and tops. I think it is the investment of all that yarn and then what if it doesnt' fit! I'll just stick with knitting socks until I can get up the nerve.

Susan said...

Oh, my, I am in awe of knitters, too. Beautiful and love that color green.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Pretty...the color is awesome. I have a friend trying to teach me to knit...hmmm, maybe I should stick with needle and thread.

CJ said...

What a cute sweater! Those needle arts are beyond me.