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For the next couple weeks I have mostly smaller projects planned. I should be catching up on Dear Jane blocks first but I want to make some aprons and then try to get to Dear Jane this weekend.
I have some really good patterns for aprons that I am excited to use. I like the look of half aprons but I think its somewhat impractical for real cooking or sewing (those darn threads). This apron book I got from Flora for my birthday has so many cute ones. The problem is deciding which one to make first. And I have this pattern from Barbara I've wanted to try out.

I decided to use this Jennifer Paganelli Bell Bottoms fabric with this brown and white polka dot I picked up a bit ago to make the first apron. I cut it out last night and we'll see if I can get some of it sewn up today. These were both in my stash by the way.

Now July is supposed to be use it up month for me and its going just so so. It has certainly made me more aware of purchases, specifically in the sewing/quilting area. Our kids computer bit the dust this month so buying a new Mac for them kind of took the wind out of my no spending sails, plus it was my husband's birthday. Oh well.

For me, so far, I did make a few purchases of some fabric and a little pouch from I Heart Linen. I have some similar hardware to make some pouches myself and I've been wanting to make them for a while but I haven't figured it out yet. (But I'm certainly not going to copy her item or sell pouches.) My spring frames are mostly larger but she does such great work that I thought I might learn something from her techniques and in the mean time have a little pouch that I can put my cell phone in, money or anything I want to carry in a mini bag.

I am going to make a sewing apron for me from the bee fabric and the other 2 fabrics are additions to projects planned. I know they were not NEEDS to be honest here. And I did also buy a notion from Quilt Taffy but I'll talk about that another day- really that was a need. And while we are talking Quilt Taffy, plase go read Des's post today. I second her post with trying to email my readers back. And besides that they are having a drawing for free fabric. So go do it.

All in all I give myself a B- for sticking to my goal for July. Hey thats better than an F.

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Darlene said...

Your smaller projects sound like lots and lots of fun. I'm trying to decide where to devote my energies right now. :-)

Des said...

I love that "A Is for Apron" Book. I want every apron out of it. And finally! yes, who really cooks in a half apron??? And NO ONE on food network even WEARS an apron. What's up with that? It must be a chef kinda thing. Never thought of wearing an apron to sew in. I'm constantly covered in threads. Good idea!

Cathi said...

Love that fabric -- the polka dot and blue will be a fun apron!
I seem to be stuck on small things right now -- I'm blaming it on the heat.

julieQ said...

Cute apron patterns!! I have several from my mother in law that are very precious to me.

Cathie in UT said...

Did you make it to the apron mini class at the Quilt Fair yesterday?
Darling ideas for aprons and I was informed that aprons are now a "fashion accessory" LOL
Who knew? and mine too are for cooking as you could tell if you saw them hanging up.

Browndirtcottage said...

Hi Nanette....thank you for taking the time to wish me well at our loss. Shaylee, my granddaughter is on her way to cheer Granny up. Just what the doctor ordered!!! Shaylee and LiL Sister sorta grew up together. When she gets here we are going to construct and paint a little cross to mark LiL Sisters grave together. I think that will make us feel better!!

And I have had a bone to pick with you....I truly believe that you have been given MORE hours in the day than I have or that maybe there are little project fairies running around your house at night finishing up all these fabulous projects of yours!!! It's really not fair!

Anonymous said...

I love the bell bottoms fabric!! That will be a great apron!

chq said...

Nanette, I'm looking over all of your recent post, and I just love everything! All the colors, quilts, blocks, fabric...so much creativity!!!

I so desperately want to raid your fabric stash...lots of cool stuff!

Take care,


Kim said...

Can you recommend a good apron pattern? I bought some AUnt Grace fabric but it was the really large print stuff that I couldn't use in my cathedral windows at the time and I'd really like to use it somehow.
I was doing so well on the no buy for the month but then I needed borders for my kitchen sink and binding so I bought 1 1/2 yards of an Aunt Grace for that - now I'm out of backing fabric and I have 2 queen sized quilts that need quilting.....I think I'm hopeless :(

Karen said...

Love the fabrics - they will make great aprons. Like you I'm trying really hard to watch the purchases - I already have to much. But it sure is fun to buy isn't it when you see something pretty.

Hugs - karen

Amanda Jean said...

you said that your stash is embarassing. do you care to share some photos? I always love to see other people's stashes. and all the fabrics that I see you use are fabulous.

and a B- is definitely better than an F. don't be so hard on yourself!

Jona Giammalva said...

You've got some fun projects planned (and great fabrics to work with)! Fun! I can't wait to see the finished project!

*karendianne. said...

Cute little pouch indeed. Not as cute as you though. ;) Fun fabric for the first apron. Love brown.

I have a couple small projects I'd also like to dive into by the way. Not able to bring myself to a stopping point but I have that feeling...!

*karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven

Thimbleanna said...

A B- is fabulous! And I'm with you on the aprons -- I've seen SO many cute 1/2 aprons, but I just don't feel protected when I wear them -- I need an apron more for my upper half than my lower half! Love your fabric choices!