Alpine Girls Quilt Group November 2009

Two weeks ago was our last meeting of the year for our Alpine Quilt Group. It is a busy time of year and I missed seeing several friends. Flora has outdone herself this year and I'm so grateful to her for all the work she puts in for our group. And I'm really excited for 2010 and our new project.
Jina Barney, one of our local quilt celebrities, designed the sampler quilt we will be working on next year. You can make the quilt along with us. Every month Jina will give us the block and it can be found here. The quilt is wonderful and blocks coordinate with months and seasons.
Jina showed it in browns. Doesn't it look fun to make? It looks like my kind of quilt.
Jina also showed it in blacks. I think I'll sew the black version. Jina works with Riley Blake and Alpine Fabrics. We are so happy to have her in our group. Jina's blog is here.Another local celebrity is Kim. Kim's blog is Bitty Bits and Pieces. Kim designs for Moda Bakeshop, too. Kim showed us fun things we can make for Christmas right from the Moda Bakeshop site. I was so entranced with Kim's show-n-tell from projects she has made for and from the Bakeshop that I forgot to take pictures! Yikes.
When she was all done I realized it and quickly snapped a few shots of her cute and interesting Christmas tree and the tree skirt pattern she made from a Moda Bakeshop Pattern.
I love the fabrics Kim used and someday when I have a chance I want to make this tree skirt for a small Christmas tree. I like making wedges.
We did have some group show-n-tell. I really like how these blocks are set on point. The quilt is so colorful and interesting.
Halloween ready for next year!
Melissa designed this quilt herself.
Debbie made this quilt for a friend. It really turned out very sweet.
I've always wanted to make this quilt. I have the pattern. It is just fabulous. Sharon you did such a good job.
I really like the "Eye Spy" triangles. What a great gift.
Helen always wows us with her applique. Get a load of that border!

Until next January . . . it will be fun to start a new year. Good Luck Paula. Flora can rest for a bit.

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Thimbleanna said...

Owwwwhhhhhh! I SO want to be in your quilt group. The inspiration is amazing! I made three of those eye spy quilts several years ago and I can't wait for grandchildren so I can make more. They were SO fun!

Joanna said...

What talented people you have in your group! I can't believe that last picture! It totally blew me away. Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

I am with Anna, can I become an honorary member??? Such wonderful quilts. This show and tell is always worth waiting for, such talented ladies.

Lorraine said...

fabulous show and tell...thanks for sharing the pics.....what a great quilt group to be a member of....!

Lynn said...

I really love when you share the quilts from the Alpine Group with us. Thank you. You say we can join along in the bom? Hmmm, tempting.

Jenny said...

very inspiring post.

Lori Holt said...

Everything is beautiful Nanette! I'm so glad that you take the time to share with us. Jina's quilt is fantastic! You know I met her and she is just as cute as can be.
Looks like you'll be having fun with the group next year too:)

Browndirtcottage said...

..Wow Wee girl....good stuff...I always enjoy seeing what your Alpine Quilt Group is doing...Jina's quilt is outrageous!

Sandra :) said...

Jina's quilt is fantastic - I've downloaded block 1 as well - what a beautiful project!

Sherri said...

Great quilts...I love the black version too! Thanks for sharing the link! I know this is sounding like a broken record...but I just think your Alpine group must be the best!!!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Thanks for all that great inspiration! I need it, kind of been in a no-sewing funk. Your friends are so talented, it just makes me smile to see their beautiful work!

Jan said...

Ohhhh that was fun! I adore those cherries!!!! And OMG on that little cutie Allison below :) She's adorable and the baby quilt you made w/those little squares is wonderful!

Dawn said...

Ohh, your group produces such fantastic quilts! Thanks for sharing with us.

Pat said...

Your group is so talented. I'd love to go see their show & tell in person so I could see all the lovely things that are shown at each meeting. What a wonderful group and you are lucky to be near enough to belong!

Cathi said...

Wow -- what fabulous inspiration you get through your quilt group!! That first quilt really caught my imagination. Love the baskets in it. And that little Christmas tree skirt? Adorable!

em's scrapbag said...

Loved seeing all the wonderful quilts. Some very talented women you meet with.

Dresden Quilter said...

What incredible show and tell. You have such a great group!

antique quilter said...

always enjoy seeing what your quilt group is up to
very creative group they are!
oh and of course you know which one is my favorite the last one!
its amazing and the border is to die for!
did she reproduce an antique quilt, was it from a pattern???? Tell Helen her quilt is amazing!

Carrie P. said...

Wow, what talented ladies in your group.
A very pretty BOM too.
Oh, that applique quilt and its border is fabulous.
Thanks for sharing.

Heidi said...

I always enjoy your Alpine quilt group blog posts. It is like getting to go to a quilt show. Thanks for all your hard work taking the pictures, posting them, etc. You make it a lot of fun for a lot of us out here.


Momoo said...

Your group does wonder work. I bet you learn a lot from each other, I know I'm always picking up good tip, short cuts, etc. from our quilt club. Thanks for sharing.

Momoo said...

Your group does wonder work. I bet you learn a lot from each other, I know I'm always picking up good tip, short cuts, etc. from our quilt club. Thanks for sharing.

alobsiger said...

I so love your posts of the Alpine Girls meetings! Such a talented bunch! I'll look forward to the beautiful 2010 BOM. Wowee! THanks for sharing!

Kim D. said...

Your group makes lovely quilts. That Kim is one talented lady, love her black tree and tree skirt. Love to see everyone's projects and see the different fabrics.

Julia said...

Great show of quilt Nanette..
Love the blue and yellow cherry quilt , and Helen's quilt, all i can say is "Wow, amazing!
Julia ♥