More Lovely Gifts

I think the holiday and disruption of my normal schedule has made me a bit lazy. I need to get back into my routine and get sewing. I haven't really produced much since Christmas and that has got to change. My Gmail "in box" and my blogger list is bulging and overlooked. I hope everyone is understanding. I will get to it all. I hope I'm not the only one that has put off my normal routine. But January means getting things done and moving on.
Before I move on I have a couple more posts of nice things to show you. Above is this sweet little pincushion made by Emily from Em's Scrap Bag. Emily is such a nice person and a good friend. The cute gift tags I decided were cute enough to use as ornaments. Those came from Susann. She's a new friend who is super talented.
This bag was made by Kim of Bitty Bits and Pieces in her signature red, white and black. She also made me the the most darling "N" charm but it is on my necklace that I left on my desk. So I'll have to show that later.
This pendant/locket is from my daughter Shelbie. I really think the colors will go with everything I have and it looks very quilty, don't you think.
I really love all Philosophy products. I use them all the time so these were welcome additions to my collection. One is from my SIL Lorraine (along with other goodies she brought) and the other I won at family bingo.
This cute surprise came from Carrie from A Passion for Applique. I wanted to wait to open it on Christmas but opened it a couple days early.
Look at the cute things inside! A really really cute ornament, vintage buttons, bee ribbon and the most fabulous personalized book mark. Such sweetness. I love it all.

I really got the most amazing presents. I have more to show. I hope you don't think I'm bragging. But all of them are great ideas for anyone for Christmas. Thanks to everyone for the lovely gifts. I get the best stuff!

Saturday I cleaned my sewing room a bit and made something! More on that later in the week. I gotta start on my new to-do list.

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Fabulous gifts from sweet friends Nanette! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Lucky you, lucky friends!

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

I'm off my schedule too -- been in the sewing room all morning though!

Kathi Thompson said...

Just saw your header --love it!

Trisha said...

What nice gifts! I love the flying geese bag that Kim gave you. Happy New Year!

pratima said...

You deserve every bit to be lazy... it's been such a busy year for you. Hope you got to relax a bit after Christmas. Beautiful and thoughtful presents from your friends and family :)
Wish you a very Happy and Peaceful New Year!

Char said...

Love the gifts. The colors in the pendant are beautiful.
I wear Pure Grace everyday. There's no other sent like it.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Nanette -- I feel your pain! I too suspended my normal during the break and I'm sooooo behind. Ouch! Wonderful gifties -- all very well deserved! Happy New Year Sweet Nanette!

triangleshirtwaist@gmail said...

i am seriously in love with that necklace.