Syd's Trunk Show

Last Tuesday at quilt group night Syd Haglund kicked off the year talking about inspiration and gave us a trunk show. Syd has also designed our 2011 group quilt. Syd is the owner/operator of Alpine Quilt Retreats. She has the amazing house with the beautiful bedrooms and is also a wonderful quilter. She has a website and a blog. Check her out. You can see our 2011 quilt on her post here. I'm currently working on the first block so I will talk more about that later, as soon as I'm done with my first block (this week!).
Here is Syd holding up her vintage quilt she made patterned after a quilt from her grandmother. Syd is a long time friend of mine. She used to live in my neighborhood but moved several miles away, but still lives in our town. I miss her being my neighbor but I get to see her at quilts. She's a fabulous quilter with an incredible sense of class and style about her and her quilts/home.
This is Syd's "Empty Nest" quilt she designed after being inspired by a member of our quilt group's project. Syd loves to work in wool, too. Her quilts are rich and imaginative.
Syd's quilts mostly all have a purpose. I find that inspiring in itself.
She talked about her history of quilt making.
Obviously a valentine quilt. She embroidered messages from old family valentines in the quilt.
She has made (most) all her children memory quilts. I love that.
This is her daughter Carly's quilt. Syd embroidered drawings and messages from Carly's old report cards on it. The messages from teachers are so funny, so Carly.

Another one of her son's quilts.
This is her 2009 Alpine Quilt Group quilt. Mine is unfinished. Darn. When I see Syd's it makes me want to get back to it.

Syd and several others of us took a class for this quilt from Jody (another quilt group member). Flora says her "pies" ended up looking like bra cups. Mine did too. It was amazing that Wren could quilt that out for me.
This is Heidi's quilt, her daughter. I used to teach Heidi in our Primary church class. Time flies.
A fabulous sampler.
Inspired from a vintage quilt.

Baskets from a past Alpine Quilt Group project.
More baskets...
And more. Syd got 3 quilts out of that exchange.
Another past Alpine project.
Inspired by Suzanne Lawrence of American Fork's Quilting Cottage and an old neighbor. (I miss Suzanne.)
Another block exchange from our group.
I love this quilt. It is just fantastic. One of my favorites of hers. Fabulous trunk show. Syd is an example to me in so many ways. Her fabric is thrifted much of the time and so it is unique. You know I love that. Syd is so talented in so many ways. And I love her husband and family. They are all great people.

I'm working on my checkers block so I'll talk more about our 2011 Alpine Quilt Group Project later. If anyone wants to make this along with me let me know and I can email you the patterns. I hope Syd puts them up on her website or blog though.

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Unknown said...

Were you at the old red chuch? The brick wll looks very familliar to me ;)

Retrogirl said...

Syd's quilts are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the highlights of her trunk show, Nanette. Have a wonderful week,

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- Syd's quilts are beautiful! Thanks for taking all the pictures and sharing with us!

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Oh, my gosh!! What beautiful quilts and so many of them!!! So glad that you shared them so we can all enjoy them!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

One of the wonderful things about the blog world is what you've done here - provide inspiration! What a beautiful bunch of quilts. It must have been even better to see them all "in person".

Lynn said...

Thanks for taking the time and sharing these wonderful quilts!

Lurline said...

A gorgeousw display - looks like a lot of fun!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Anonymous said...

Well Syd is as amazing as you! I love the last quilt, I think it's called Farmer's Daughter and I know that because I made the same quilt out of blues, yellows and whites. And I hand-quilted it! That was back when I was crazy! I loved all of her quilts - they are just beautiful! Are you going to do a retreat in the fall again this year? I'm going to come to SLC for the Sewing Summit, the first part of October and I'd love to come to your retreat - and teach a cooking class or just cook for everyone - in between quilting, of course! xo, Nan

pratima said...

Beautiful quilts! Memory quilts for kids are wonderful! Thank you, Nanette for this lovely show and tell :)

Carrie P. said...

great show and tell. thanks for sharing.

DekMoabgirl said...

Oh man, Just like the old days!! I miss the Alpine Quilt Group!! Happy to see this, makes me feel like I am still connected!! Hope all is well!! Love your Blog!! Stumbled on it, while searching for Omigosh quilt pics!! I and some friends are just finishing our Omigosh quilts!! Miss you all!! Tell everyone Hi for me!!! Deleska

Beth at Aunties said...

I am in awe of Syd's quilts! They are so gorgeous and most important inspiring and shocked full of sentiment and memories. WOW! I enjoyed my visit:D

AnnieO said...

Love the virtual trunk show! Lots of fabulous quilt variety. She must have fun on every project and obviously never gets bored :) What a great friend to have.

Becky J. said...

wonderful quilts! i love trunk shows-- they are even better in person too.