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When I saw the covered can project on Farm Chick's blog I really wanted to make some covered cans. Serena used a small coffee can but I'm sure any can would do.
I got these new craft cans online a while ago for buttons small bits of this and that, so I decided to try making a few covered cans. I used Elmer's extra strong spray adhesive that I knew would hold fabric on metal. I used Annie's Farm Stand fabric for the body of the can. And Lori's Sew Cherry red gingham for the top, folded like a seam binding.
Recently I had lunch with Lori and Rae Ann. You know how we always bring treats to share, well I filled the cans with some little fat 16ths, trim and goodies. I think they turned out really sweet. The cans are a great idea for a make-it take-it or a n0 sew craft for friends. Anyone can make these.
LinkRae Ann brought Lori and me a cute box.
Inside was this big pincushion with home made pins. It is a really sweet Dresden pin design and I love the ruffle. Thanks Rae Ann.
Lori made these really great crochet apple cozies for us. I've never seen anything like it. I love that color with the red apple and the covered button gives it a nice accent. Thanks Lori.
At lunch I brought this box stuffed full of vintage aprons. The box was sent to me by Barbara, a darling blog reader who won a giveaway of market fabric recently and has been a reader of my blog for more than 3 years. It was so nice of her. The aprons are all her mother's aprons. Barbara's mom was the real life June Cleaver and wore aprons everyday (and never wore pants!). Barbara's mom recently passed away and Barbara wanted to share some of the aprons with me, Lori and Rae Ann. Wasn't that so sweet.
After lunch we oohed and ahhed over all the fabrics and the lovely mix of aprons. The aprons are keepsakes of the past made with delightful fabrics. Thank you again, Barbara for thinking of us and sharing with us. We each got to pick and choose and take some of the vintage aprons home.
While I was at lunch I picked out this really cute skirt (on sale) for Allison. I am sure the fabric cost as much as I paid for this skirt so I couldn't pass it by. It is a little big yet but will be cute on her.
Allison spent a few days at our house last week. We had a great time with her. She is obsessed with being outside. I love when she comes. She's growing up so fast.

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Rae Ann said...

It was soooo fun being with you last week, we have to do it more often! Sure wish that you could have gone antiquing with us. We will just have to make a date to go again soon:)
Thanks for my sweet... darling tin filled with all the goodies... I LOVE it and am dying to make a few myself!
Looking forward to Star Valley myself and quilting like mad!

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you've been busy and having lots of fun Nanette. I love those cute little cans!

Kim with a K said...

Looks like lots of fun!
Your cans turned out great!

Carrie said...

I love the covered cans! You always have such cute ideas on your blog.

Three Birds Inspired said...

The fabric covered cans are ADORABLE! I just happened upon some tall, narrow cans (for free!) and I am going to use your idea to cover them. I was going to decoupage but I would much rather mess with fabric than paper!

Unknown said...

Oh Nanette, you are so lucky to have a girl that likes granddaughters were never very frilly and I always wanted them to be. One finally came along and wowzer...frills. Love the colours too.!!!!1

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

What a lot of great eye candy you have here! And how sweet of your reader to share her mother's aprons with you. Just goes to show - we all feel like we know you. LOL

Allison is so pretty, and I'm loving that skirt. I'm pretty sure you're right - cheaper to go with already made (not to mention easier!).

Jocelyn said...

I love the fabric covered cans! So pretty and creative. Thanks for sharing how you did this to make such a cute gift.

Dotty Dolly said...

I can`t wait to have a go at making the covered cans. I have a friend who collects aprons, her daughter lives in California and she always comes back with more to add to her collection when she visits her, but I`ve never seen her wear any!

pratima said...

What a cute project to useup those tiny scraps and makeup pretty little tins for presents! Yours look adorable with those bundles of cuteness wrapped in love :)
Great tresures and gifts from your friends :D
Allison is growing up! She is so sweet!!

Cheryl said...

I love those covered cans...that's going on my to do list for sure. Sounds like you girls had the perfect day and wonderful goodies swapped around!!! Allison sure is a sweetie.

Cheryl said...
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Janet said...

The covered cans are so cute, love them. What a lovely time you have with your girlfriends. Allison has grown up so fast, she's a young lady now.

Barbara said...

Even I could make one of those cans. Yours are adorable. (Especially filled!)

strawberrycream39 said...

Thank you for the eye candy Nanette! The fabric-covered cans are so cute I could squeal! :-) Jen

em's scrapbag said...

Love those covered tins!!! You guys are all so creative and come up with the most wonderful gifts!

Anonymous said...

Great goodies....and great fun with friends. Glad you guys like the aprons knew you would appreciate them. Enjoy your times with Allison. ♥

Momoo said...

I love the covered tins, I will be coping that idea, thanks.
I have been having an awful time being able to post a comment on your blog. Have tried many times without success. Today the screen looks like it might post. So even though I'm not commenting, I'm still enjoying your posts.
Allison is such a cutie, I bet you really enjoy her visits.