More Flag Blocks

This is a continuation of my project I showed last Friday.
I showed you my Asterisk Union Jack made from the tutorial on Selvage blog found here.
The quilt made by Karen (shown above) was featured in QuiltMaker magazine. Isn't it fabulous. I really love it. I want to make this quilt.In review, I used the tutorial and changed up the size to 6.5"x9" to make the Union Jacks. And I made several of them. I'm making a tiny table top version of my personal flag quilt.
I made mini Slovakian flags in the same 6.5"x9" size. I actually used fusible for the shield, cross and mountain part of the flag. I hardly ever use fusible but for this application it worked perfectly.
I made mini Danish flags.
And I made mini USA flags. They all went together fairly quickly. Now I need to sash them, border them and machine quilt into the mini table toppers I have planned.

Sew Busy!

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em's scrapbag said...

Cute little flags. An astrick quilt is on my to do list.

beth said...

Looking good!

AnnieO said...

Those will be too adorable! I like the asterisk quilt lots too.

Cille said...

Love the flags.... Makes an grumpy, old Dane like me all warm at heart ;)

Nedra said...

Those are just the cutest things. I love the mini size.

Lori Holt said...

Way cute and tiny Nanette!
Love sweet.

Susan said...

Oh, Nanette, you are just too much cuteness. I absolutely love the flags.

Calli Makes Do said...

What wonderful flags. Even though the Fourth is long gone, it makes me want to whip some American Flags up for a bunting, I'm pretty sure I have a blue check and red stripes in the stash.

Thimbleanna said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your use of the gingham for the stars on the US flag -- you're brilliant!!!

pratima said...

These are adorable! They are going to make beautiful mini toppers! Have a great weekend!

Retrogirl said...

Nanette, what an adorable quilt you have in the works!!! I do hope you're enjoying a nice vacation with your family.
Best Wishes & Happy Quilting,