I actually MADE something this past weekend


I wanted to sew this past weekend even if it was only for a short time.  I have plenty of projects I could have dug back into but my brain and hands were wanting something else.  I love strawberries and it pretty much is the season with berries shipped here from California.  So what could be better than a strawberry block?
Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book had arrived in the mail. And I had been reading and looking at it bedside so I thought I would make something from the new book.
I actually cut out scrappy fabric to make 7 blocks.  I wanted to make something small and simple for a few people so the blocks will be made into hot pads.  I am all ready to make one everyday or so this week.  But my newest granddaughter, Claire, will be here for 10 days starting tonight.  We will see if I can pry my hands off her.  Pics to follow with all 3 granddaughters.

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Missy Shay said...

I love your strawberry!

AnnieO said...

Cute! I live in one of the counties in CA that grows a lot of strawberries--the fields stretch for miles. Soon we'll have our annual Strawberry Festival :)
Grandchildren can hardly be seen often enough, I'm sure you'll enjoy every moment!

Lynn said...

I was thrilled when your post popped up on my feed! Cute block. I bought Lori's book but gave it to my husband to give to me on Mother's Day. So I have 2 more weeks before I can indulge. Congratulations on Granddaughter #3!!

Sherri said...

Love it! So happy you got to sew!

donna said...

Love your strawberry block. It feels so good and so relaxing to finally get to sew?

Thimbleanna said...

Yay -- you're back! I'm so happy that you'll have all the girls together -- have a wonderful time Nanette!!!


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Des said...

Oh, I love little projects! Hope this gave you a jolt of happiness!!

Ronni said...

You always have the most adorable fabrics, Nanette. The fussy cut corner sets r adorable! And those fun greens too!!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Oh, Nanette, it is so pretty, and it is SO good to see you back doing what you love. Can't wait to see granddaughter pics!!!! <3

Snickelfritz said...

I plan to get Lori's book since I'm a farm girl at heart just like she is. Glad to see one of the blocks made. It looks like a fun quilt to make.

Kathy said...

Love the block - itching to get a copy of Lori's new book!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Nanette, it's been years and I've finally made it back to quilting. Ive been waiting for your next post. Where are you? Hope Grands are not keeping you too busy.

Jan said...

I just got my book and can't wait to start. Love your block.

Unknown said...

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