FYI Spoonflower

Every year I order calendar tea towels to gift at Christmas from Spoonflower.  When Spoonflower has their 2 for 1 fat quarter sale in November, it makes it affordable.  Each calendar is then $6.00.  I order the cotton poplin and a fat quarter is a complete tea towel.  I trim the edges and add binding, of course, before gifting.  I'm not gaining anything by telling you about this sale but you might want to think about doing this for inexpensive or last minute gifts to have on hand.

These are some towels I gave at Christmas in 2011.

[image] Ditsy Lizards winners!

I try to be more organized for Christmas every year.  Time slips by so fast.  Happy Gifting.
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Diana Pike said...

I also ordered some fat quarters from Spoonflower for tea towels for Christmas gifts! I love your idea to bind them.......I think I will be trying that.

Lynn said...

You shared about this a few years ago and I've done this every year since. And plus I discovered spoonflower which it turned out is only 30 minutes from me.

Nancy A. Bekofske said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

The ladies in the office thank you. Christmas is now taken care of!

Ronni said...

Your calendar tea towel entry was what started me on Spoonflower- gee, a few years ago. I was looking to see if by chance you were in this year's entries, and here you are!!! YAY glad to see you are enjoying holiday traditions! Hope you'll be back to blogging for a while:)

lesli said...

Dumb question.....I've never ordered from Spoonflower before. It looks like they recommend using the Linen-Cotton Canvas for the tea towels (it is wider by the yard so the cut is longer). But I've never heard of this fabric type it too harsh to actually use as a towel?'

Thank you also for this post, I am absolutely in love with tea towels and I'm so excited to order some and sew them up!

Beth French said...

thanks for the heads up! Just ordered two tea towels.

lifeinredshoes said...

Hello there< I just stopped by and saw your post! I totally missed the sale, GASP, but I might order anyway. Do you have a pic of one of your towels with binding on it?

Corrie said...

What cute fabrics & a great idea. Sad, I missed it. :( Happy Holidays!

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

I was thinking of you and thought I'd see if you had posted to your blog recently.I surely understand about family things. There is so much family stuff going on in our lives and I volunteer so much that I just can't find the time to be a consistent blogger. But....I have one of your tea towels. :-) Lucky me!

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