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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally I can reveal my quilt market projects for RJR Fabrics. I think, anyway. RJR has a new line of fabric coming out late summer 2010 called "What's Cookin". It is a vintage novelty kitchen fabric. They contacted me and asked me to design a quilt and some accessories to showcase their fabric. And of course I was excited for the opportunity.

The lovely and sweet PKM (Pam Kitty Morning) took some market photos of the RJR booth to send me from Minneapolis since I wasn't at market. If you don't already have Pam's blog bookmarked - make a beeline and do it now. She's fantastic on so many levels. Her Lecien fabric market projects are wonderful. You can see them on Elizabeth's Late Bloomer Quilts website. Elizabeth has some lovely new designs, too.
Anyway, back to me! ha Here is Pam's photo of part of the RJR booth. I think everything there is mine except for the apron and the round potholders. I don't know who made those. The square little quilt set on point is my table topper. And one of my table runners is above with my quilt on the wall and 2 of the potholders in the center of the picture.
Of course I took some photos before I sent off the projects to RJR. This picture above was taken before the finish quilting. I was in a rush to get it sent off so I don't have the finished results photographed.
And more close-up of the quilt.
Here are the little potholders I made to go with the quilt. The fabric is kind of kitchy kitchen.
This is my roll basket. I've made almost a dozen of these for friends and family. I am really happy with idea. My friend Laura helped me choose this as a good kitchen accessory to make.
Here is one version of the table topper.
And here is the table runner. Whew. The patterns for all will be out at the same time as the fabric in late summer. But I'm still working on them.
I really enjoyed designing this quilt and the little accessories that go with the fabric. The ideas all came straight from the fabric. As soon as RJR sent me the photos of the fabric I knew what I wanted to do. You can see the border print is full of kitchen items and that is what I designed the applique and pieced blocks around.

I'm working on concepts and ideas already for fall market and some magazine submissions. It is going to be a really crazy summer because I have other projects in the works, too. Yipes! What am I going to blog?? Everything will be hush-hush.

Thanks so much Pam for taking the photos and sending them to me!


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