Alpine group quilt night . . . part I

Last night was our local quilt group's meeting. Flora saved Laura and I a front row seat so my pictures would be better this time. And I think they are. Some of the quilts were pretty big so I couldn't get a complete shot but you'll get the idea.

I took over 60 pictures! So I'm going to split last night up into part I and part II. Today's post - part I - will be show-n-tell with some of our local quilters. And then tomorrow's post - part II - will be the trunk show by Joyce Weeks, a local quilt artist and pattern maker.
Part I - show-n-tell:

This is a darling quilt by Janeen. The colors couldn't be cuter. I love the blocks and I really liked her background fabric bohemian something. I should probably take notes since I forget so many details by the next day.

This is a darling quilt by one of our quilters and she used strips from our jelly roll exchange last year and the pattern is Bonnie Miles' jelly roll pattern. The border on this looked almost like crushed velvet, even close-up.

This is an original design by Leslie Ison, a Utah quilt artist and pattern designer. She made this as a family memory quilt. Her mother is one of 17 children and on the bottom you will see all her mother's siblings are pictured. The quilt is really a work of art.

Here is another shot. All the items appliqued have meaning. Her great uncle still has the family farm.

I can't remember now how old her mother is but I think most of the siblings are still around. Its such an incredible quilt. She is quilting it by hand and it is all basted so she can quilt it on the go. You can see only the very top of it is quilted.

This is an Eagle Scout memory quilt to commemorate Gina Barney's son getting his Eagle Scout award.
You can see Gina here on the right. I think the mom's earn the award! But this is a beautiful quilt. Gina is very good.

Another great quilt from our group. I really like this pattern.

This quilt is huge and I mean HUGE. I couldn't capture the whole thing in the camera. Its a quilt by Judi in our group. The border fabric was her inspiration point.

I had to include Judi's cute yellow shoes and red nail polish. It just looked so cute next to the quilt as she was telling us about it. Judi's friend Nedra (who used to come to our group before she moved) has a new quilting blog called Cactus Needle. Nedra is an amazing quilter and you should check out her blog. Its brand new and I know she will be showing us great things.

So then I decided I had to include Paula's shoes and "Swell" skirt she made in a picture. Paula is our mighty leader this year and you can see her great personality comes out in this outfit!

This is such a darling idea. These are Ty plushies made into little soft snugly lovies with minkee. She cut the stuffed animal in half and then sewed them to the edges of the minkee. She's a new grandma for the first time and had several really cute things she made for her new grand baby.

This is Kim in our group and she and her daughter Natalie have a blog too called Bitty Bits and Pieces. Go check it out. Kim is a great quilter and always brings wonderful show-n-tell. This one is just in time for July 4th.

This is a quilt by Laurel. She was inspired by the fabric. And it is stunning. The colors are really vivid and the pattern is beautiful.

This is the back. These green roses are just incredible. Look how great the back and front look together.

This is a quilter's applique project. The pattern is a Cotton Way from Camille or her mother. She's in the applique stages and its going to be a darling quilt.

This is a memory quilt by Syd. She makes the best best memory quilts. This one is for Clayton, one of her sons.

She is so good about putting shirts and t-shirts and finding bits and pieces to represent a life or a memory. She has pictures and she puts drawings from when her kids were little on her quilts.

She just does such a super job with these quilts. It always impresses me because its something I would never tackle. Syd's husband is a pilot and used to work for American Airlines. Syd made a memory quilt from old uniforms from pilots and stewardesses and things about the airline. I wish I had a picture of it. It was stunning. There were parts of shirts and appliqued wings and collars and parts of wool blazers in it. It was auctioned off at a charity event (I think) and purchased by someone that worked in the airlines. Anyway her work is incredible.

Edit - I think it isn't American Airlines now that I posted this. It's one that went out of business, Pan Am? Sorry.

There was more show-n-tell but not all pictures work out with me behind the lens. More tomorrow on the trunk show portion of our quilt night.


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Thriftin and Craftin said...

Love the photos. I especially love the first quilt, and the story about your friend and her memory quilts. I used to work for American Airlines many moons ago, that's how I met my husband. Just a little bit of trivia for ya. LOL!


Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL bunch of quilts! Thanks for sharing the show n tell with us. So much talent in that group!!

Elaine Adair said...

Not enought space to comment enough! I was thrilled with the very first, and it got better, in each photo, including the yellow shoes and then the tennis shoes! What fun - feels almost like I was there. Thanks for this terrific and inspiring bunch of quilt photos.

Eileen said...

I think I'll just copy and paste what Elaine just said. Where does one start? I did think those plushie minkie things were absolutely adorable though. There is a little baby girl I know that would love those, what a CUTE idea.
And all those applique'd family members and the farm and everything.. I am just in total awe. This is just such a treat. I can't wait for tomorrow's post! You do a really good job describing everything. :-)and your pictures are as clear as a bell.

Purple and Paisley said...

oh, wow...i just love the first two quilts...the color are gorgeous! thanks for all the pics! =)

Happy Zombie said...

Wow, wow, WOW! What a great bunch of quilts. Love this show n tell and can't wait to see part two!

Amanda Jean said...

thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts with us! I LOVE Leslie's memory quilt so much. and the swell skirt is fabulous, too. looking forward to part 2!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I love your quilt show. My favorites are the squares one and the Home Sweet Home. And I do love the shoes pics!

Jill said...

Okay,how much quilt drooling gorgeous can one person stand??!!It would be hard to pinpoint one absolute favorite.You bring lots of "happy" into my day,thank-you!!Some of those potholders with a cute apron would make a super gift,wouldn't they?? I'm trying to focus a little more on baby things.The 2nd paragraphin your handout is so true,I'll have to post some of the scrap quilts in future too! That Swell line is one of my current favorites.I just finished a table mat,reminds me of old fashioned feedsacks.Thanks again Nanette!

Stacy A. said...

Nanette, what beautiful quilts. I especially love the first one and the one by Laurel. Those fabrics are unexpectedly gorgeous in that large size. I would never have thought. The back reminds me of my grandparents patio furniture LOL. I loved that stuff.

That swell skirt with the cons cracks me up! Those used to be the only shoes I would wear. I had like 6 colors but the black were always my "fancy dress" ones. When I was 16 or 17 I went to a church dance in this vintage yellow daisy dress from the 70's and my black cons. As it happened my dad was chaperoning that night. He hated the 70's and was always bothered by my strange style. We were at the "just be happy I'm here" stage of our relationship so my dad just barely acknowledged that he noticed, but I know it was KILLING him! LOL What we do to bug our parents. But really, I just love those shoes.
Thank you so much for your note this a.m. It means a lot. Love Stacy

erica e said...

how fun! what great quilts! how fun that you have such a great group to share quilting with.

jacquie said...

What a great bunch of quilts. It's so much fun to see such a variety of styles and patterns! Thanks for sharing.

Cathi said...

What a fabulous group of quilts you have shared! I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favourite!

Hannies Annies said...

oh I loved every sentence, every picture, thank you so much for sharing!!!

Shelbie said...

He worked for Delta -- Pan Am went out of business YEARS ago. Like, a decades ago.

Nanette Merrill said...

To Shelbie - no smartypants, this was before he worked for Delta. He still works for Delta now. So there.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Those quilts are amazing! What talent.
I love the first one (blue and green blocks) and the pink and green one by Laurel.
Thanks for sharing those pictures.
Can't wait to see part 2.

Kimberly :)

Jodi Nelson said...

Love all the quilts. But the memory quilt is fantastic! And it could totally be Son #3's! LOL. Wow. Amazing. Thanks for takin pics and sharin with all us. ~jodi

Anonymous said...

oouuuu...aaahhhh...i like the first,i like the next one...well, maybe the fourth. what can i say...i luv ALL of them!! i'm still dizzy with all the splender! thanks for sharing, i know it is time consuming but the masses appreciate you!

Joanna said...

That plush/minkie thing is such a cute idea! I just love it when you go to your quilt group and then share pictures with us! It's so much fun to see what other talented ladies do, especially the ones with the memory quilts.

Ginger Patches said...

Lots of beautiful quilts! This and the post before it--chock full of inspiration and beauty. I love the Swell skirt with the tennies!!!

Anina said...

How very pretty! I love the first one.

Gayle said...

Nanette - Leslie Ison is one of my favorite local quilters - I'm a big fan of hers. I'm currently making a hooked rug that kinda reminds me of her quilt cuz it's all about our family, our home, and the surrounding area. How fun!

And the son's memory quilts are awesome - my son just got his Eagle Scout award and I need to do something special for him. He's awaiting his mission call and right now I'm working on a X's & O's quilt for him to take with him. It'll have really thin batting, and be long and skinny so it'll fit in his suitcase! LOL


Nan said...

I am thrilled with all the beautiful projects everyone has created, but I think my favorite photo is the "swell" skirt and sneakers! LOL! Thank you for all the lovely pictures.