June is definately my month

I heard on the news the other day that June is the happiest month of the year and that in particular June 20th is the happiest day of the year. In theory of course. Maybe its the daylight and sunshine? I don't know. But I know that June has been a pretty sweet month for me (so far!).

This week is the Utah Shop Hop. I won't make it to all the stores so I'm going to be checking Kim's blog for updates. She's having a Utah Shop Hop give-away so check out her blog. She's a member of my local quilt group and makes fabulous quilts.

I quilted a baby quilt for my friend Ashley earlier in the month. I enjoyed free motion quilting it and it was her first quilt she ever made so I felt really honored to help her with it. Anyway she made me a cute present. Ashley - you don't need to do anything! I'm happy to help you, and your mom too for that matter!!! Seriously.

Ashley made me the cutest M for my sewing room. Ashley is a perfectionist and everything she does is really done well. The M is so cute and its red distressed on the edges. I love it. I have placed it in different spots in the room and haven't hung it yet. I want to put it in the perfect place.
I'm not sure how I happened to find Eileen's blog months ago but I'm certainly glad I did. She lives in Ohio but we have so much in common and we have become friends. Eileen knows I love vintage fabric and feed sacks and she suggested we do a little exchange. We decided on a larger charm square/layer cake size for the exchange. She hasn't received mine yet but I have received hers!

Let me just say that I don't think my end of our exchange measures up in any way to Eileens! All her fabric is so lovely. I have spread it out several times to look at it and admire it. I just enjoy the vintage fabric so so much. I'm not sure I can bear to cut it, but since it is meant to use I will carefully choose pieces to use in future projects. I guess thats one reason I love scrap quilts so much because I can put bits of important fabric here and there in each of those quilts.

I adore it all, I don't know how I could choose a favorite piece. There were also 2 little fabric books to make. So darling!

These are some of the feed sack squares she sent. Her fabric is in such better shape than some of my pieces. She sent me 2 kitchen fabrics that I had small pieces of in different colorways. And those 2 just happen to be some of my favorites in my own stash so it was extra fun to get them in other colors. They will be front and center in my next kitchen quilt.

Eileen wrote sweet little notes explaining things about the fabric. They were so fun to read. Some of it she soaked and ironed with care! Thank you Eileen.
This is the fabric I sent to Eileen. I also sent her some of my Japanese stash in squares, too. This was such a fun way to share my stash and enjoy expanding my assortment. It was a great idea. Again, Thanks Eileen.

A bit ago I got an assortment of scraps from a Japanese vendor. Some of them are quite small and some are similar in size to the exchange with Eileen.

They will be fun to use in projects eventually, too. But for now they are added to my scrap box.
I know I complain about time a lot but, if only I could clone myself so I have lots of time to sew my list of projects. Anyone that could help me with that, I'd sure appreciate it.


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Darlene said...

June has definitely been a SWEET month for you! So much to smile about. :-)

Love all the fabric that Eileen sent your way and she'll love and enjoy what you sent to her.

That "M" is adorable and will look wonderful in your sewing room.

Purple and Paisley said...

nice exchange with eileen...she is such a great person...and the "M" is adorable...i love it! =)

Kim Walus said...

Thanks for the Shout out! It's been fun getting comments from others. I love this blogging thing and my 9 year old rolls her eyes at me and tells me I blog too much, Ha! as if she doesn't play too much. LOL! I wish I could find time to quilt as much as I blog ;)

BTW How did the Strawberry Trifle go over? Did everyone like it?

Abby and Stephanie said...

Looking forward to seeing your next project using these lovely fabrics!

Eileen said...

hey! they do look really cute the way you have them all arranged like that in your blog :) That stack you made though looks w-a-y bigger than the one I sent you. I will probably fall over looking at it all.


THANKS for showing us Kim's blog! I'm going to watch it too.. it sounds like so much fun going on.

And the japanese fabrics are fabulous!

Cathi said...

What a great assortment of vintage fabrics!! I can't wait to see what you create with them.
The "M" is fantastic. What a great decoration for your sewing room.

Anonymous said...

Nanette - I love the "M" - We are having our Super Saturday in August and I wanted to make some of these...but we already had too many fun ideas!

Anonymous said...

That lovely stack of feedsacks looks like it fell right out of heaven. Only it missed my house....so just send it on over. Thanks. x

Jill said...

I LOVE the time I have visiting your site!! Thanks for the comments to mine,it's delightful to connect!! I have a pile of feedsacks from my Grandma,I'll have to post them sometime.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

such cool stuff...you always have the best stash...Jennifer

jacquie said...

it's like a fabric bonanza! what lovely fabric you both have.

jen duncan said...

Sorry--but I'm on the hunt for a clone myself so if I find one, I'm keepin it! lol
Girl, you scored BIG on that swap! That Eileen appears to be one generous gal! Lucky lucky you :-)

Nan said...

That M is so bright and happy - it will look wonderful in your sewing room.
The fabric Eileen sent you is gorgeous - I'm green with envy! I feel the same about the fabric you sent to her. You're both very lucky girls!
If you figure out how to clone yourself, may I have a clone of you, too? I would love your quilting expertise in my sewing room!

Ginger Patches said...

I love all that fabric!! Wow you two have quite a collection--how fun to share it that way :)

Love the "M"!