Shop Hop Part I

Shelbie and I went to 4 official Shop Hop stores and 1 byway shop. It was a fun day but when we got home Shelbie and I were so worn out we had to take a power nap. It wasn't just being tired it was feeling overstimulated. So many fabrics, colors, patterns, people, and things things things. I can only imagine how overwhelming Quilt Market must be!

Here is my haul. Its not excessive or impressive. I tried to stay on budget and did okay. I mostly went for sale things. I got a few magazines that are generally not available around here. I got a Bunny Hill pattern, a Busy Bee Quilt pattern, free fairy tale patterns from the shops, fat quarters, charm squares, binding, and misc. sale assorted odds and ends of jelly roll strip pieces. I also got some thicker fabric with cupcakes to make aprons.
First we went to Piper's Quilts in Sugarhouse South of Sale Lake City. They had lollipops to greet you as you walked in . I thought they had decorated the cutest of all the stores we went to.
And it totally helps that they have hollyhocks everywhere. That added to the whimsy of the fairy tale theme. Pipers is famous for its hollyhocks.
Their fairy tale quilt greeted us on the front porch. The Hansel and Gretel theme was taken all through the shop. We brought home a free pattern to make this quilt.
They had fat quarters folded like lollipops and wrapped in cellophane all around the store.
This quilt with hearts looked like sweet heart cookies or gingerbread cookies good enough to eat!
Pipers had a whole display of pincushions with darling bunny pincushions from Bunny Hill. In fact Pipers had lots of Bunny Hill and Late Bloomer Quilt patterns. We got a few things here and enjoyed seeing Erin and the shop.

On the way out we walked by the beautiful Hollyhocks again. Seeing them year after year at Pipers made me plant them in my yard last year too. Mine aren't in bloom yet. But soon.Next we went to the new location of Whimsy Cottage. Whimsy used to be in Heber City and we'd drive up maybe twice yearly for sales and enjoy that small community. Now they have relocated in the Holladay area of Salt Lake County. Holladay is not an area I know very well. At one point we took a wrong turn and Shelbie and I felt like we were in a corn maze, without the corn. Luckily we ended up where we started and then went back on the main road.
We liked this cute little elephant that greeted us when we went in.
Whimsy's theme for the Shop Hop is 12 Dancing Princesses. Its a book I used to read to my girls when they were little. This is their Shop Hop Quilt and they gave the pattern out for free. It was cute with crowns, gowns, and dancing shoes on it.This quilt caught my eye when we first walked in. It was kind of off center but the zig zag designs were interesting. I still haven't quite figured out what is going on with it but it is interesting.
Before we left the store, this shelf with a cute owl caught our eye. They had made several interesting stuffed toys that we had to examine. But the owl in the felted wool was the cutest.
We left Whimsy (and thats when we got semi-lost) and headed south to Quilts Etc. in Sandy. They had a cute theme. More on that another day, maybe tomorrow. Now to bed.
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Trisha said...

Fun to get to "hop" along with you! You have some very cute shops near you. I love the Hansel and Gretel themed shop and the lollipop fat quarter bundles. Adorable!

Cathi said...

Thanks for taking us with you on your shop hop! I love the decorations at the first shop and the quilt with the crowns, gowns and dancing shoes. That one really caught my eye -- just 'cause it's so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Nanette - I love that Crown, Dress and Shoe Quilt. I love it! The shoes and dress especially are so adorable! You look like you had fun and are probably totally tired!

Diane said...

Love the first shop. Makes one want to rush in and see more. The pattern with the crowns and dresses is adorable.

*karendianne. said...

Wow this was fun. Thanks for sharing.

Jodi Nelson said...

Way Fun! Thanks for takin pics and sharin with us. First the Hollyhocks are so awesome! That 12 dancing princesses quilt is adorable! LOVE the dresses. Way cute. Pincushions. Adorable. But what isn't that comes from Anne. Just popped into our tiny quilt shop in our tiny town, and their pincushions were UGLY. I need a cute pincushion. I think my tomato is way old. Happy Saturday! Enjoy.

Elaine Adair said...

OMGosh woman - stop, stop, stop!! My over-stimulated brain quit processing with the lollipop walk markers, and the next 3 posts did me in - I had to "Mark as New" so I can enjoy it ALL, one step at a time. Fun, fun, fun! This is one entire weekend (for me) of stimulation and inspiration.

thanks mucho for the over-abundance of eye candy!

Mary said...

What fun!! I grew up in Holladay, but probably wouldn't know my way around at all now. Thanks for the tour ... and the chance to be nostalgic. Both of these particular shops (esp. Piper's) made me salivate.

Anita said...

How fun, I just love shop hops! What a great theme for the shop hop. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a full but fun day. I just adore the cupcake fabric you purchased, and that first store looks so inviting with all those lovely lollypops lined up along the footpath.

Robin said...

What a fun hop! Thanks so much for sharing it. :) Those shop hop themed quilts are really nice-- I love the dancing princesses one, with the ribbon sashes. So cute!

CJ said...

Ohhh, it is almost like I was with you! Thanks for taking your camera along and documenting your day. LOVE the lollipops and hollyhocks. So cute. Wondering if Des came and saw that elephant yet. ;)
I like how they folded the fat quarters. Some people..their brains must never rest.

CJ said...

Forgot to mention that I LOVE that heart quilt. Who makes that pattern??

Sherry said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the Shop Hop with us. I love all your pics, wish I could have been there!

Nan said...

I am "sew" happy to be shop hopping along with you! Such delights to be seen, and the hollyhocks are totally gorgeous! Thank you for all the lovely photos.