So how is everyone this week? It is June but you certainly can't tell it by Utahs latest rainy cool weather. I'm telling you its gotta be 50 something degrees out there tonight.
And besides these 2 things being my best friends and constant companions, I'm good otherwise.
So I worked on Dear Jane blocks last weekend. And not even near perfect but I pronounced them "good enough". Shelbie did tell me that out of all my Dear Jane blocks so far she has thought they were mostly okay except for the top right block. She said, "Yeah, I probably wouldn't use that in a quilt." Even though I totally agree, I'm using it anyway. I keep saying "that will quilt out", while my fingers are crossed. And note to those Dear Jane quilters - I changed the columbine block (bottom left) so the points are still there. Its a little off center but I could not make myself sew a block with points cut off on purpose!

I did get Jan's (my artist friend) quilt back from the quilter and I finished binding it. I need to get all her quilts delivered to her pronto. I still haven't visualized the painting I want her to paint yet. I'm taking my time to think about it but I know I want red hollyhocks and 2 quilts on a clothes line with some kind of old stone home in the painting. So its beginning to formulate.

My friend Laura was making a birthday cake for her cousin and testing several chocolate cake recipes last week. Lucky me I get to give a taste and opinion. The winner was Ina Garten's chocolate cake with just a tweek to the recipe. This was a piece of the test cake.

And this was the finished product. She used chocolate mousse in between the 3 layers and then a milk chocolate frosting with shaved chocolate garnish. I didn't taste the finished product but I know the next chocolate cake I make is going to be this. Well, mine certainly won't look like Laura's but I'll try.

Then this week her latest is (get this) banana split cupcakes. No kidding. The best moist banana cake with chopped almonds and chocolate ganash frosting. I wanted to lick the cupcake paper when I was finished. It had a little slice of banana and the cherry garnish. This one even beats the strawberry shortcake cupcakes. I think this is my favorite so far. (and I mean so far)


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Cathi said...

That cake looks amazing!! Absolutely decadent! The quilt for your friend is so pretty -- love the colours.

Julia said...

If I lived by her and she kept bringing over all of these goodies, I would weigh like 400 lbs. So I will just drool over the pictures that you share. lol

michelle said...

Okey I want that receipe for the banana split cupcakes. All of those goodies were to die for. I am a sucker for all kind of sweets.
The quilt you made turned out so darn cute. I wish I could paint. Love ya

Darlene said...



Abby and Stephanie said...

Weird weather, I know. Ohio has been having volatile weather and now we're going to be in the 90s and muggy. YUCK! Delicious goodies and I can't wait to see the painting.

Jo-Anne said...

I heard from my son in Utah that it is cold and sorry to hear that, although I am not surprised. Springtime in Utah is a finicky business.

I think your Dear Jane quilt blocks are perfect.
And, as for the yummy treats, well, I won't even look at them lest I gain 5 more pounds! :)

Anina said...

It miserable over here too. What is with the weather?
Your blocks look wonderful.
All that cake makes me want to go bake one. I'll probably use the help of Betty (Crocker, that is).

Thimbleanna said...

Oh my Nanette! I think we might need a recipe for a banana split cupcake -- that sounds divine! A stone house in your painting also sounds very cool -- there are so many cute old stone houses in Utah, you should have lots of inspiration!

Robin said...

Those treats look so decadent and wonderful. Mmmm... that cake especially!

Your Dear Jane blocks look great! I love how you changed up the Columbine block so that all the points are there-- very nifty!

Jody Sanders said...

Yum, yum, yum.

Feel better soon.

Tracey M. said...

i'll have you know that every time i read this blog, i crave cake. mmmmmmm, cake. especially because it is usually from Laura's kitchen. :)

Anonymous said...

I want that receipe for the banana split cupcakes. All of those goodies were to die for.