"Doll House" Potholder Tutorial

My previous house block I called a Cottage block. I decided to name this new house block pattern "Doll House". It is taller and smaller than the cottages and just reminded me of a little doll house. The block seemed like a perfect size for a pot holder but the Doll House could be applied to other crafts or quilt blocks.
It was really fun picking out fabric for each house and as with the cottages I enjoyed making each one unique.
Using the mylar batting called Insul-Bright keeps the potholder thin and light weight like regular cotton Warm and Natural batting. Just an FYI - the mylar batting is not safe in the microwave. I've never microwaved a hot pad, but you just never know. I only use one layer of the batting and I put the more shiny side facing the back. So far it works fine.
Doll House Cutting instructions:

House (1) 6" x 6" square; Roof (1) 6" x 3" strip; Background (2) 2 1/2" squares, (2) 8 1/2" x 2" strips, (1) 9" x 2" strip; Grass (1) 9" x 2" strip; Door (1) 3 1/2" x 2" rectangle; Window (1) fussy cut square approximately 2 1/2" or smaller depending on image in window and (optional) trim 7" long.

All seams are 1/4".
Round the upper corners of the door rectangle. Place the door along the bottom edge of the house and in from the right side edge of the house by 3/4". Position the fussy cut window in 3/4" from the left side edge of the house and down 1 1/4" from the top as shown above. Added note- You can fussy cut more windows and play with the placement. I sometimes put a little window in the attic. It is fun to look at your fabric and think what might be fun to fussy cut and put in the window or door.
Using black thread and your sewing machine's blanket stitch, attach the door and window to the house block.
Press a crease diagonally in the 2 1/2" squares cut from background fabric. With right sides together position the squares over the upper corners of the roof fabric.
Using the crease as a stitching guide, attach the squares to the roof stitching diagonally as above.
Trim to 1/4".
Press seam allowance outward towards the corners. You can see that I tried to center the stripe in the middle but that made the scalloped edge off center - oh well.
With right sides together stitch the roof to the house block. Press.
Trim is optional. Stitch trim just below the seam line below the roof securing both edges of the trim. Next sew the 2 strips of fabric (8 1/2" x 2") to the sides of the house. Press.
Stitch the (9" x 2") back ground strip and the green grass strip to the tops and bottom of the block. Press.
Finished Doll House blocks above. Some of the houses I made in slightly different sizes before I settled on the best size.
Cut a square of the mylar batting and the backing fabric larger than the Doll House block by at least 1" around all the edges. Place your finished Doll House block with mylar batting in between and a linen (or other fabric) backing and pin in place.
Machine quilting this block is very easy. Using a walking foot, stitch in the ditch around all seams, door, window, trim and back ground fabric edges.
Detail of machine quilting shown above in the back of the hot pad fabric.
Trim batting and backing from all sides and square up the Doll House block.
Using a rounded edge template mark a curved edge in each corner of the Doll House block. Cut on marked line as above.
Cut a bias binding and create a 4" long loop with binding fabric. Attach loop to the top of the Doll House block and bind as you would a quilt. Optionally you can sew a tiny button to the door for a door knob.
Fun, fast and easy to make, these Doll House hot pads make great gifts and are colorful additions to any kitchen. Make them by the dozens!

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Sherri said...

YAAY!!! I LOVE these blocks/potholders!!! Thank you sooo much for the directions!

Carla said...

These are so sweet!!! I love them. Thank you!

Lurline said...

Nanette, they are beautiful - you are a Doll!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Des said...

You rock! Totally! I love these! and I love exclamation points!!

Mel said...

So cute! The people and items in the windows add sooo much charm!
Thanks for sharing!

Nedra said...

These are just oh so cute! You've outdone yourself again! I love your variety of fabrics, and trims.

Jodie said...

Nanette, you have the best ideas ever. I have been developing a small house obsession and you are making it into a big one!!

Sue said...

Nannette, those are lovely! Gr8 tutorial, too!

Western Australia

Trisha said...

These are so great! Cute, cute, cute!!

Corrie said...

oh wow I love it!especially the little japanese girl fabric in the door....how clever! thank you I will definitely be making one of these...or more!


Kritta22 said...

WOW!! You are a superstar!!

I bought some fabric that I'm going to post about tomorrow, that made me think of you!

Annette said...

Thanks so much for sharing. These are adorable. I have my afternoon planned now...cutting out dollhouses.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing! These are really fun :)

Unknown said...

Really great! They are so cute and would make terrific gifts.Thanks, Nanette.

Betsy said...

Thank you Nannette. Can't wait to whip up a few!

Patricia said...

There are days when you have the itch to create something, but you don't have a ton of time. These little pot holders would be perfect for a day like that! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I can't wait to get started. They are adorable!!!!!
( sort of like their creator) Love, Tricia

calicodaisy said...

Thanks for all the tutorial work! These are so adorable, and I hope to give potholder making another try now. -- Michele

Patty said...

I love these! Thank you for taking the time to "show and tell".

Lindsey said...

Thank you for the tutorial! They are adorable. I think I'm going to ditch all my projects and start these today...maybe not a good idea...btw, I loved t's comments about you today...

Ruth said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I need to start looking for fabrics I can use. They are so cute!

Abby and Stephanie said...

These are way too cute and I have a feeling lots of people will be heading to their sewing space to make some. I will soon...you are so very generous to give a tutorial. Thanks Nanette!

Purple and Paisley said...

what a great tutorial...and just like stephanie said, very generous...i can't wait to make some and know mom will love your instructions...thank you...☺

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Yeah, thank you so much for sharing, one goal for 2009 was to learn to machine quilt, I only hand quilt and would love to get more things done, this would be a wonderful way to start and just like the Christmas Cottages, I can see that they will become addicting. I do have a walking foot, but now do find which number is the blanket stitch!!!

Karen said...

Adorable - thanks for taking the time to show us the ropes.

Hugs - karen

Messy Karen said...

you're too much. when oh when am i going to find time to make these sweet "mini-quilts". pretty soon i hope.

Anita said...

Wow, that is so cute! You are so clever. Where did you buy the insul-bright? I'm going to have make some those, soon!

MichelleB said...

They are just adorable! I can hardly wait to make some.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Nanette! These are SO adorable. They're just so darn cute -- look what you're doing to all of us. I LOVE houses and now I'm thinking I want some more! XOXO.

Cara said...

So cute- I know a little girl of mine would love one- well maybe as a mini quilt! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

Di~ said...

This is funny, I didn't notice the title being a tutorial, so when I was looking at the first picture, I thought I should go to your itsy store and order some potholders. {I asked for some for Christmas but didn't get any and I only have one in the kitchen!}
So now I HAVE to make them myself, huh?:) Did you get the insulbright at JoAnns? I need to see if I can get some kind of a blanket stitch out of my 35 year old machine! Thanks Nanette, cute cute cute!

Pam said...

OMG! These are so cute...I want to make one NOW!

Candace said...

I knew there was a reason I bought a couple of yards of Insul-Brite right after Christmas - it's that quilter's ESP again - you read my mind Nanette and now I have a terrific pattern for potholders - sooooo cute! Thanks so much!

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Really cute, Nanette! The fabrics you use really make these little pieces look like houses with real windows. The curtain fabric is just so sweet and that little sewing machine!! Divine! Gotta get me some of that batting but snowing here and the driveway is so icy my husband can hardly stand up to shovel. Snowblowing is out of the question. He'd slide right down our driveway and over to the neighbor's in a flash. Think I'm tired of all this snow.

Lauri said...

Oh my GOSH! These are about the cutest things ever...certainly the cutest potholders ever! Thanks for the tutorial!

PamKittyMorning said...

Yahoo!!!!! I love it. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I've had my insul-bright for a while waiting. So you just use one layer in your hotpad? No other batting? It doesn't seem thick. Thanks a lot Nanette.. I super love this!

pratima said...

Thank you so much for the instructions. These pot holders are so cute!

jen duncan said...

Oh Nanette- THese could not be any cuter! And your sewing skills are superb. Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to do this!!

Momoo said...

Cute hotpads. Love the fabric you find for the doors and windows. Thanks for the tutorial.

em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for sharing your talent in this cute little tutorial. I've bookmarked it. I really want to make some.

Ginger Patches said...

Fun Tutorial!!

Joyce said...

Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing! Gosh you get lots done!

Julia said...

Nanette, they are beautiful!
So cute, great tutorial..
Julia ♥

Busy Little Quilter said...

I love these! They're so cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

Calidore said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I showed your pot holders to my 13 year of DD and she loved them. As I want her to practice some more sewing these will be perfect for her to try.

Crafts a la Mode said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial! My sister uses Insulbrite in her poholders also. She will love looking at these darling little gems. VERY sweet and thank you so much for showing us step by step how to do them.

Karen said...

Just adorable! You are amazing;)

Anonymous said...

Nanette: Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy day to post this tutorial. I just love these little projects and I can't wait to make a set. Now of course I have to make a trip to purchase some of the Insul-Bright. I was just at Joann's yesterday and said oh, I don't need it yet, well I should have just purchased it. Tomorrow is another day. I'll pick out some fabric tonight and get everything ready. I really enjoy your Blog and look forward to popping in all the time. Rae Ann

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! how cute are those?? You are tooooo much. Love them!!!

Jana Nielson said...

I am making these tomorrow!!

Misty M. said...

Thanks for the tutorial! They are very sweet. I was curious how to make potholders since I heard recently that you cannot use regular batting. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Oh Nanette, these are the cutest. You are so sweet to share your expertise with all of us. I must give these a try.

hetty said...

These are great! So cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Cathi said...

Nanette, these are wonderful!! Thank you for a super tutorial. I can't wait to make a few of these!!

Dawn said...

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah-Day!!! Gotta make me some...Thanks Nanette!

jennyflowerblue said...

Wow they are super lovely, thank you....your machine has a blanket stitch setting?-Bit jealous!xx

strawberrycream39 said...

Oh so cute, Nanette! Thank you for the tutorial...these are definitely going on my list of handmade gifts! I saw in next week's Joann flyer that they have insul-bright batting. --Jen in NY

CuteStuffInside said...

LOVE IT! Thank you.


Nan said...

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, so I won't try. I love it!

jacquie said...

totally cute and so different than the christmas cottages.

happy zombie said...

Sew, sew, sew cute, Nanette! I can't WAIT to make one. Thank you!

Gayle said...

I look forward to trying these. You are so generous in sharing this pattern. :-)Thank you!

lissa said...

How adorable! My husband is in the mortgage business. those would be great gifts for new homeowners! Thanks for sharing.


annemariesquilt said...

Wow you have done some lovely work , I love it!
May I use the tutoriol?
I would also love to have the Christmas cottage tutoriol, I did not have any time to join before Christmas but I had lots of fun following Eileens houses ..

Kim said...

how cute are these?
Thanks for a great tutorial Nanette :)

Mom O Matic said...

Here via Pam Kitty Morning. Love this and am going to try it. I'm scared to bind for some reason and these would be good mini practice runs.

Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to get started! Cutest potholder EVER.

*karendianne. said...

Oh my gosh Nanette, so darn cute!

rachel griffith said...

i'm making one of these today.


Shari said...

Thanks for a great tutorial! Love your fabrics!!

Kathy said...

THank you for the tutorial! I love these!

Eileen said...

This is a truly wonderful tutorial Nanette!
I am loving my pot holder. It is not getting used to hold messy old pots full of food though. We are using it as a dice rolling pad for our board game we play almost every evening now.. and we get to look at that cute little house the whole game.

woodly said...

What pretty potholders! Thanks for the instructions

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh my goodness, do I love that little girl potholder! How creative.

Now I know you have like 5 million commenters but if ever you have a spare moment, can you tell me how you applique those pieces on ~ Do you use any of that sticky iron on stuff? Or do you just applique it right down without turning under the ends? I want to work on this little chicks applique blocks but just dread turning under all those curves. I just don't think I can do it make it look good???

Well anyway, yours look great!


Sonia said...

omgosh...so so cute!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

These are DARLING!!! I'm so excited-I'll be linking!

Mit Nadel und Faden said...

Terrific. I love them.

chq said...

So cute! You are always whipping out the most adorable things!



nettie said...

these are just adorable. thanks for the tutorial.

Beata said...


RetroLeeTX said...

Hi! Just found your blog and wanted to tell you that I love it! I've tagged it in my favorites, so will check back again soon. thanks for the potholder tut - i've always wanted to make those, just never jumped in.

liz said...

so dang cute! love the idea!

check out my blog for a tutorial on nursing covers. with all those daughters someone must be pregnant!

Nan said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this wonderful tutorial! I have loved these hotpads since I first saw them, and now I can create some of my own. You are just the BEST, Nanette!

Christine said...

I love your pot holders and your blog which I've only recently discovered. Thanks for sharing.
Christine in Tasmania

Amy said...

These are absolutely adorable. Now I know what my friends will be receiving for Valentines Day. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Billie said...

These are just too cute!! Thanks for sharing.

Tina said...

Thank you. Very cute.

Kathy said...

These are super cute! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!!!! Love the All Dressed Up quilt, too. Great designs!

Dorothee-Maria said...

Oh, this is too cute!
Thank you so very much for sharing this beautiful idea and tutorial!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Nanette! Wow, it looks like you've got a winner here! LOVE this potholder, and would LOVE to try one, soon as I can sometime! I'm a doll collector.. never outgrew them, and so the name of the potholder drew me in right away, and I was not disappointed at what I came to find!! Thanks for sharing a tutorial, and it's nice to meet you! ~tina

Unknown said...

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Amanda said...

Great job! I featured this today on my blog - Today's Top 20! Feel free to stop by and grab a button!


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Heather said...

2 years late to this cuteness but I am going to start a dozen tomorrow. These are so cute, and your directions are very easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!!

What a Hoot! said...

These are simply beautiful. I so want to make one (two, three or more). Thank you for sharing such beautiful work on your blog.

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