Quilt Night March 2009

Quilt Night at "That Alpine Group" was Tuesday March 31. After Show-n-Tell Bonnie Miles gave a lesson on leaders and enders. Leaders and enders are scraps of fabric sewn together at the beginning and end of stitching quilt blocks for any quilt. The idea is making a quilt within a quilt. Bonnie taught us to be prepared and use our scrap pile in a thoughtful way. All it takes is a little organization and those leaders and enders can be on the bed and not in the trash.

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Unknown said...

I love it when you give me wonderful eye candy to drool over. I really needed it tonight!

The Easter Egg quilt is my favorite!

West Michigan Quilter said...

These quilts are beautiful. I'm particularly fond of scrap quilts. I can see I need to get more organized. I'll have to check out Bonnie's site for some hints. Thanks for sharing.

Mama Spark said...

Wasn't Leaders and Enders Bonnie Hunter? or is her last name Miles?

Des said...

can you explain the leaders and enders a little more? i'm unclear. Are you making a different quilt with different materials while you're working on another quilt? are your scraps pre-cut?

it's okay if you don't answer. maybe i need to take the class. :)

flora said...

Honestly, you are a technology genie. Great job!

Jill said...

Enjoyed it ALL,thanks for sharing!!