I haven't actually counted days, but since right before Christmas it has snowed nearly every day where we live. We've only missed a few days of no snow or flurries. Today AGAIN 5 more inches and its still coming down. I had great plans for today . . .well maybe later it will stop? Our culdesac was so full of snow my neighbor had to get a back hoe and remove it so the mail could be delivered and we could get out of our driveways. (Thank you Ken.) I do love snow but enough is enough. And what will happen in the spring when we get run off from the mountains around us? Yikes.
On a side note I get more done because I can't leave the house some days. Last night I finished more blue birds for my "Leafy Treetops" quilt pattern I'm working on. These blue birds make me so happy. The top few are made from feedsack pieces. I love the striped one on the very top. It looks like feathers. I'll sash them later today and hopefully have enough done to applique leaves this weekend.
I haven't found the perfect border fabric. I want something that says "old fashioned spring". I'll know it when I find it. And the hunt is so much fun. Yes I know the close-up shows flaws in my matching of points. But once its done and quilted the flaws will disappear. And the whole point is to enjoy the process.
Let it snow . . . - nanette
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Jana Nielson said...

NO!!! NO more SNOW!!! I can't get to the fabric store! I'm stuck here with the 3 boys. To get them to play nice I bribed them with suckers which they are now dipping into cups of sugar.....What have I done!!!! I've got cabin fever!!!

Tracey M. said...

if we get any more snow here in Logan, i think it means the Rapture is imminent. it says it somewhere in the Bible...look hard, its in there.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the shot from your porch... with the snow... and your snowman quilt. It looks like a postcard or greeting card!