Superbuzzy and new tumbler quilt

I did order a few things from Superbuzzy last week. They all are very nice. I'll have to admire them up close for a bit before folding them and putting them on my shelf. I got them for accent pieces for several quilts on my list. With Superbuzzy you have to order when things are "new" because it seems most fabric I want sells out quickly.
I love the rough weaved feedsack quality to some of them. They look and feel like they could have been made 75 years ago but are brand new.
I am in a babushka matryoshka phase right now. We have several authentic matryoshkas that my in-laws brought us back from Ukraine when they lived there for 3 years as mission president. The matryoshka trend is very big right now. I love these and these. And I still want to make a teapot cozy matryoshka. So this blue and red matryoshka fabric has inspired me to make a baby tumbler quilt for another niece expecting a baby. I cut out my reds and blues above and I'm going to sew it into bows like the other one I made below and quilt it the same. I think it will be cute. I know the blue is a little dark for a baby but I like unconventional baby quilts. It's so convenient to have all my fabric easily available soI can pull off colors from my baskets and shelves to blend into a new project. It makes putting a project together so fast and fun.

And . . . it snowed again yesterday and is snowing now. Sigh. - nanette
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PamKittyMorning said...

Love the sweet fabric choices on the completed tumbler quilt. The new one looks like it will be pretty as well.

Thimbleanna said...

Lovely fabric choices and oh my! Is that tumbler quilt ever cute! I REALLY want to try one of those! I know it's not much consolation but be grateful for too much snow -- our weather is downright scary now. Youngest called today from school where they spent time in the basement hiding out from the tornados. This really warm weather one day and snow the next just isn't right and wreaks havoc! ;-)

Julia said...

I love your tumbler quilt. I have been wanting to make one of these. Do you use a template to cut the tumblers? If so, where can I get one?