We heart you!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Thank you so much to those that participated in the Valentine Flag pattern. It is so fun to see my design created by you in so many individual ways.

Also, thank-you for all the great comments and the great e-mails we have received since starting our blog. We are so glad to have the great input and participation. Thanks!

In no particular order here are the pictures I have recieved of the Valentine's Day Banner. They are all lovely and each one is unique - isn't that great!

These two were made by Cherrie Neameyer and her friend (sorry I didn't get her name) and I'm not sure which one is Cherrie's and which one is her friend's. But they are both darling. Cherrie is from North Dakota and contacted me about putting the valentine pattern in her quilt group newsletter and of course I was very excited to have my pattern go to her group and even more excited to get these pictures. They are wonderful.

This is Darlene's Valentine Quilt from Arizona. I love her valentine fabric. It couldn't be sweeter. Darlene has a great blog that I read.

This is Heather from Virginia's flag. Heather's has a lot of texture to it and I love the pink, its lovely.

This is Kim from New Jersey's really cute flag. I love the rich dark red and the extra red block in the corner. Nice job. Kim has a great blog, check it out.

This Jodi's fabulous flag. Jodi is so clever. She even added another project! I love her blogs. Yes, she's together enough to have 2. See Jodi here and here.

These 2 come from Denise in Saudi Arabia! Its hard to imagine my pattern going around the world. That is the magic of blogging. Denise you did a super job. I just love both of them. Well done!

My biggest fear is that I missed someone's email or (scatterbrained) didn't add it to my valentine folder. Please e-mail and remind me or me if you have a new picture I can add it today.

All get a prize! This was really fun. Thanks again. - nanette
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Darlene said...

They are all adorable! Thanks for the sweet gift! :-)

Anonymous said...

How cool to see the different results. All are so beautiful too. Darling pattern Nanette!

Happy VD!

Oiyi said...

So wonderful to see everyones creations!

Funda said...

All of them are so cute! Thanks for posting them. Also thank you for the April pattern. My oldest daughter was born in April so I'll be making that one for her.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful valentine quilts! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

I wanted to let you know that I have a few more Scandinavian Babushka dolls in my shop at the moment- just listed today.

Kairle Oaks said...

What a great job everyone did on their flags!!! So CUTE!