Spring Market 2011 Part III

More Market. Market is infusing my posts until I show as many of my 300+ pics as possible. I just can't abide leaving anything out.
This is BariJ's booth. I told you I sorta kinda stalked her. Worth it. Everything is so pretty.
Elegant apron.
Bag and floor cloth. Incredible. She and Janice took the time to discuss their applique method with me, which I'm dying to try.
Janice and BariJ's super cute shoes.
Love the touches of dress forms in her fabric, which was echoed in her booth.
Sigh. So glad I was able to pick up her fabric at Lecien table during sample spree.Next stop the Lecien booth. Yeah I spent some time there looking and bugging those people.
Lecien has these cool cross stitch stamps. Yeah I gotta have those. They didn't have any at market. If you see them anywhere, please let me know. Super cute.More Lecien.
Lecien has free patterns for Monica's quilt made with her new fabric, which I did nab at sample spree. Lori and I split the fat quarter pack. Very fun.
I had one very fast but super important Monica hug speed visit. Market would have been terrible had we missed each other. Monica is absolutely amazing and a star.Next stop was with local friends Norma and Joyce. Recently they merged their pattern companies and now are under "Geoff's Mom" patterns. These gals are sweethearts and I've loved the patterns they have made over the years and also with Leslie, who recently retired.
Everything they make is fantastic. I love their eye and taste. I could grab and run with this bundle of quilt loot.
I'm really proud of these girls. They have recently made some sweet deals.
This is Sunny Days, which I've seen everywhere. Such a popular pattern.
I could have stayed and talked for hours there.
New fabric line by Paula Prass called Botanika. The booth was colorful and interesting.
I absolutely adore that vintage bird fabric. I want it.
Modkid had some great stuff.
This is Sandi Henderson's booth. She's a popular girl. Her new fabric is great.I've been following Sandi's work since before her first line. All darling stuff.
This is Sarah Jane's booth. I was gaga over Sarah's fabric. It is so classic and pretty.
She has embroidery designs that are really sweet.
Her family tree panel for kids is such a great way for children to remember who they are and where they came from.Sarah said she's been working on this doll house for sometime. Her children are really excited to be able to to play with this after market.
Birch Fabric had a huge booth with new fabric and lots to look at. I've made a quilt with their fabric before. It is lovely.
Their designs are really fun. It is great to see these new companies evolve.
Violet Craft had really cute fabric called Peacock Lane. I really liked they image of the elephant and keys.
She's got a really great point of view. I look forward to seeing more with this fabric.
My friends Bonnie and Brenda at Pie Plate had a booth right by Riley Blake. Brenda and I clicked at a retreat we were both at a couple years ago. I adore these gals. I want that vintage stove!There is Bonnie. I wish I had a photo with Brenda. Their patterns are wonderful. I like their perspective, too.
Hokkoh is a Japanese fabric company. They have some great designs.
I really want to make that dress for Allison. I wish I had the time to go through their fabric piece by piece.

More coming. I hope you're not going to be sick of my market reports by the time I'm done. Good memories now.

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Shannon said...

I'm not, keep them coming. You saw stuff that I didn't see. Thanks for sharing. I just didn't have to get around to all of them. I missed you, Emily's booth was right by Geoff's patterns. How did I miss you?

Char said...

Wow, thank you so much for sharing. Lots of wonderful stuff.

Sherri said...

Love the market photos...and love getting your perspective on things. Market is just a memory now, isn't it?! I might have to go again, soon!

Mary said...

I'm so overwhelmed by the size of the industry. Makes me not want to go to market in Houston... Or ever leave my little sewing hidey hole!

Funky Kim said...

Botanika is not a fabric company. It's the new line by Paula Prass for Michael Miller. I've loved her stuff for years now and she's just the nicest lady!


Nedra said...

I love seeing all your Market photos! Keep them coming!

em's scrapbag said...

So good to relive market. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I remembered my camera but forgot the memory card. Da!

Martha said...

Don't stop!! I still haven't seen some of my favorite Utah designers yet.

Rae Ann said...

Great recap of market. I love seeing it from your eyes. You always focus on the cutest things!
Be sure to stop on over to sign up for my giveaway. Oh... and I have a little something for YOU! Hugs!

Jan Marie said...

Nanette, I love your report. It almost feels like we were in a different room. You saw lots of stuff I missed. BTW I have pictures of you on my blog today. I just Thought you would want to know.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

No, no, don't stop! More, more. I like it. It is so interesting to read your take on the people and the fabrics, and the pictures are great.

Betsy said...

Nanette, thank you for sharing all the great pics with us. It is so nice to see what designers are up too.

Janet said...

I love seeing the photos from market, it must be amazing to be there and exhausting too. Lots and lots of lovelies!

Thimbleanna said...

You're such a sweetheart Nanette! I'm loving your market reports -- I can't believe how much stuff I missed. Thank goodness for you and your camera!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Oh I love those market reports - the booths are just so pretty and seeing all those wonderful fabrics makes my bank manager feel anxious. One day I'd love to go to QM, it just looks so much fun. Especially sample spree - I can't wait til Monica's fabrics come out in the shops - so pretty and bright and vibrant - looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

happy zombie said...

I just got done reading all your market posts. WOW. WOW. WOW… what a great recap! I love and appreciate sooooo much for all your great posts - you made me feel like I was there again.

HANDS DOWN, the biggest highlight for me was our speed hugs. If I had not seen you I would have been heartbroken. I love you, I adore you, I'm in awe of your talents and awesomeness, and I think you are the superest of all super-stars! And learning that you and Lori are sharing my fabric… that's pure GRAVY! My day, week and month is made. XXXOOO!

pratima said...

Your market posts are amazing, Nanette. I enjoyed clicking on the pictures and looking at the details up-close. Thank you so much! Love Lecien fabrics and Sarah Jane's are so sweet!

Shayla Sharp said...

Thanks for sharing with the rest of us--I am so in love with that dress in Sandi Henderson's booth. I wonder what pattern it was?