Easter Road Trip

Dave and I took a short several day road trip to southern Utah and the Nevada desert to visit 2 of my sisters, Polly and Michelle. There aren't too many fabric stores along I-15 in Utah but I did stop on our way in Payson Utah at Creek Side Needle Arts. They wouldn't let me take pictures in the shop for my blog, which is a shame because there were some really really cute quilts. My favorite was a Buggy Barn bunny quilt out of Ginger Blossom fabric I was dying to take a picture of. It was really special. I may have to make it. I did manage to buy a few small bit of fabric while I was there.

They have a great selection of cowboy prints and I added these 5 prints on the right to my cowboy fabric stash along with some great dots and others. They had a nice fabric selection there. Too bad no pics.

We went to Toquerville, Utah just north of St. George to visit Polly and her husband Ken. It was fun to see my niece and her family, too. The baby is adorable. Toquerville is a nice little community and my sister and her husband have a lovely home. They always make us feel like special guests.
This picture is taken from the large deck of my sister Michelle's home in between Hiko and Alamo Nevada. They have a lovely new home at their ranch and it was so fun to visit and see everything. They have thousands of acres and their surroundings, though not lush, still have beauty. My brother-in-law Brent was branding cows that day and we got just a peek at that.They have several warm and hot springs in the area there and this warm springs on their property was so amazing. If it had been hotter we may have jumped in.
Their warm spring is right by the Extraterrestrial Highway, of all things! If you keep going up the highway you will hit area 51, though you won't get to see much. Its a very secure area, obviously.
There was a funny little gift house right on the highway with all kinds of memorability from X-Files and scifi movies/shows with this huge robot type of alien outside. It reminded me vaguely of the robot from "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I watched that movie on TV as a little girl and it still scares me to this day even though I know it is just low budget old special effects. When I got home last night I had a great gift waiting for me! Terri at Purple and Paisley had sent me a sweet and wonderful gift.

She machine embroidered a really cute bee emblem with the name of our blog on it! I love it. Its darling. She's such a great and thoughtful friend. Thanks Terri!! It has a special place on my shelves in the sewing room.

Dave and I had a great few days visiting family and taking time off. And when we got home everything was ok, whew. The last time we left home there was a flood waiting for us. Thanks to the older girls for managing everything while we were gone


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Joanna said...

What a great trip you had! I wish I had seen all that alien stuff when we lived in UT - We went down to Vegas a lot so we could have if we'd thought about it! Oh well, maybe one day :) Welcome back!

PamKittyMorning said...

Love the pictures, and you're right, that's a slimdown version of Gort... that is a great old movie. Micheal Rennie (however he spelled his name) was so handsome. Man, I loved that movie.
Nicto Barada Klatu.

Jana Nielson said...

Creekside is one of my favorite shops!!! There is a cute shop in Spanish fork too..Cherry tree..i think! There really aren't many down this way, so we do a ton of internet hopping!!

Jana Nielson said...

I forgot one!! Corn Wagon, in Springville! It is amazing!

Thimbleanna said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip -- quilt shops and aliens -- what's not to love LOL! I haven't been to those shops -- I'll have to talk to my auntie about them for my next visit. We usually hover farther north -- mostly because I always insist that we go to Whimsy Cottage. Would love to take hubby to see the alien!

Joanna said...

I love Creekside in Payson. Isn't it the cutest little shop? I too grew up watching The Day the Earth Stood Still. My dad and brother still watch it together at least once a year. It is a CLASSIC! :)