Felted Geometric Bag


For my birthday, Whitney got me a book called Felt Forward, put out by Interweave Knits. This book really inspired me. I love using geometry in my designs, so I made a purely geometric bag.

I used different colors of Cascade 220, and Cascade Quatro. I love the subtle color varigation in these yarns and the wonderful way that they knit up.

I used my favorite colors, which are red and green, using the blue and gray to keep it from looking Christmas-y.

On the other side, I used larger circles, which as I sewed them on, I realized I could use as pockets.

I had in mind some leather straps that I purchased from Purl a few weeks ago, but after felting the bag, I realized that they were far too dainty, and decided to felt one large strap - which I think better fits the style of the bag.

It has been fun making it, but I'm glad its done!-

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Stacy A. said...

Shelbie, check you out. Felting is one thing my fragile mind hasnt grasped yet. That bag is awesome. I LOVE the circle pockets. So, did you start out with wool fabric then felt it or go straight from pure wool? Last time I was at the craft store I saw they had a little bit of felting stuff. Soon, I may need to indulge myself. You have one talented family. Love Stacy

Jana Nielson said...

That bag is really amazing! I love the colors too!

jen duncan said...

It's very cute! I sure like felt. Looking forward to getting Jenn Docherty's book this week!

Unknown said...

Wow, that is a fantastic bag! I think it is so clever and beautiful! The color combo is delightful and it looks sturdy and very handy. What inspiration!